Work with Alexa, keep your home safe with the best security Camera ever!

Work with Alexa, keep your home safe with the best security Camera ever!

With the changing scenario and increasing thefts, every home needs a full-fledged security system indeed. Monitoring the activities outside or inside your property is probably the best way to keep things under your control.

A strong security system not only keeps you safe from intruders but it helps you in spying upon your dogs or other pets. Furthermore, these cameras stream a live video directly to your smartphone to keep you aware of every update. Moreover, these cameras bless you with the peace of mind as well.

However, finding the right match for your requirements is a daunting task.

These days security systems work with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri voice commands. We have reviewed this security camera for you that works in accordance with Alexa.

All-New Ring Stick Up Cam Battery | HD security camera with Two-Way Talk, white, works with Alexa

Now, it is possible to see, hear or speak to people or your pets through the phone. Also, you can use your tablet or Echo device for this purpose.

Connect your phone with this stickup cam battery and enjoy the show. The battery-powered camera can be mounted anywhere, from indoors to outdoors. Add security to your place with this simplest, cheapest and portable security system.


Above all, this is a flexible solution. Place it on a flat surface or mount it on a wall, it is no less than a permanent solution. Wherever you keep it, its stick up cam battery keeps you connected with your home. You will specifically know what’s happening at your place.

Battery Power

The camera consists of a rechargeable battery indeed. You don’t even need to move it while charging the battery.

Adjustable Motion Detection

If you are worried about finding the ideal setting for you and your home, then this security system is more than an ideal setting for you. As you know, it adjusts itself well with its motion detection feature.

Link to as many devices as you want

The ring devices can be connected to any device of your choice with the help of its application. You can control the complete security system of your home with your phone, tablet or Echo set up.

Wide coverage

This is a versatile camera that covers every nook and corner of your home, whether placed indoors or outdoor. Above all, you don’t need any specific space to fit it. Place it on a table, desk or mount it on a wall. Nothing will affect its performance indeed.

Ring Protect

The ring protects the plan ensures that you never miss a single video or clip. Consequently, the videos captured by the device get recorded and saved in your ring account for 30 days. Thus, you always have a 30-day backup of the recorded videos.

The first 30-days of the recording are absolutely free. However, you will need to subscribe to the monthly plans to continue the back up of the monitoring further.

How does it work with Alexa?

The stick up can be easily connected with your Echo Show, Echo spot or Alexa enables fire stick or device. As a result, you can easily operate the camera even while sitting on your sofa. Ask Alexa and it will show you the real-time activities of your surroundings.

How to set it up?

Setting up this device is easier than you think. First of all, stick the camera to the flat surface or mount it on a wall. Next, insert the battery pack to power up the device.

Install the application on your smartphone and follow the given steps.


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