Winter-proof your bedroom with these cosy Bedroom rugs!

Winter-proof your bedroom with these cosy Bedroom rugs!

How does it feel when you step down from your bed on a chilly winter morning? The floor feels no less than a polar ice sheet. Of course, you would not like to start your day in this peculiar way.

Bedroom area rugs not only provide a unique style and personality to your room but will also save you chilly toes from the cold floor. The warm rugs will welcome you as soon as you will get up.

Apart from that, rugs can be used to hide any tough stain of the carpet, buffer noise or protect the floor from being scratched by heavy furniture.

Find some best rugs to pull the décor elements of your room together and add cosiness to it.

Fox Sheepskin rug Rectangular, Fur Faux, Fleece Fluffy Area Rugs, Anti-Skid Yoga Carpet for living room

This faux fur from the leading home décor brand, Cumay adds grace to your home. It is perfectly suitable for all the rooms including your bedroom, living room or kid’s room.

Whether you have a contemporary set up or classic, this soft and comfortable underfoot goes well with all. Use it as side runner along with your bedroom to add warmth and a great accent.

Due to its hard-wearing, the Fleece rug can be used in high traffic areas too. Being highly durable, it can be even put as a soft and fluffy corner is the kid’s room as well.

The rug is made from faux sheepskin fur and thus it can absorb moisture from the air. Being thick and warm, they help in maintaining the room temperature specifically in winters. Enjoy the luxury and cosy ambience in peek winters.

Wash the rug in cold water with a spoonful of mild or all-natural detergent.

Choose your perfect match from the available variety of sizes and colours.

Funky Buys Modern Soft Touch Shaggy Thick Luxurious Duck Egg Blue 5 cm Dense pile Bedroom Rug

The modern shaggy run is an inexpensive and modest accessory for you décor. The thick and luxurious underfoot softens the looks of a room. Ultimately, it will make up the cosiest feet resting spot of your bedroom.

The shaggy rug is made from a non-shedding, stain-resistant pile. It is available in numerous colours, shapes and sizes as well. Feed your love for shaggy rugs with thus thick luxurious Funky boys piece!

The dense rich piece can change the entire looks of your bedroom. The most affordable bespoke element complements your space perfectly. Most people prefer it for its durability.

This is an easy to clean rug. The stain-resistant property of the pile makes it easier to clean. The anti-static and easy to hoover rug is an absolutely great choice.

Indian Arts Fair Trade Rag Rug Handloom 100% Recycled Multicolour

The rug contributes to being a perfect choice for those who are in love with the colour.  Spread the colours of Indian culture and tradition in your room with this rug!

This is an eco-friendly product because it is made from discarded clothes. The clothed is washed and dyed before being woven into a colourful rug. In the end, you get assortments of bright colours along with white top=stitching and fringed colours.

What makes them unique is the use of different recycled and colourful clothes. Each rug is different from others because of the unique fabrics used. The carbon footprint of the underfoot is very low because it is eco-friendly.

Use a brush or vacuum to remove dirt from this rug. Do not wash it in a washing machine or tumble dry. Instead, hand wash it separately in cold water. Do not soak.

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