Unique ideas to enhance storage space for your kitchen

Unique ideas to enhance storage space for your kitchen

No matter what is the size of your kitchen, when it comes to creating storage, every single inch matters. especially, if you have a small kitchen, every little space is no less than a real estate.

Thanks to these clever storage hacks that maximises the storage space of your kitchen. Not to mention, it will help you in locating everything quite easily.

Clever storage enhancing hacks

These clever storage hacks can literally transform your kitchen.

Store above the kitchen window

Install a small wood bracket right above the kitchen of your window. You can use this space for storing cups, plates, saucers, kettles and glasses.

A pull-out pantry

A pull-out pantry becomes a must for smaller kitchens. You can store spices and other cooking essentials in this space. It keeps the articles tucked away and easily approachable at the same time.

Stretch it to the ceiling

Use higher cabinets to store lesser-used appliances and gadgets. In addition to the appliances, you can use these cabinets to store the crockery that is rarely used. If you don’t have such cabinets, get them constructed.

Build-in accessories

Instead of storing the appliances at different places, prefer the kitchen that has built-in space for all the appliances including microwave, oven, coffee maker, mixer juice, etc. Your kitchen will appear sexier and smoky with this kind of arrangement.

Put it on display

What is the use of beautiful glasses and crockery if you cannot flaunt them? Reclaim wall to wall display shelves to make your kitchen attractive. Also, make sure to take care of the colour scheme.

Hide appliances

Ask your contractor to come up with clever ways to hide the appliances especially, toaster and grill. Moreover, he counters they create will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen.

Contain everything

You cannot ignore the power of an air-tight container. Use glass containers and label them properly in order to avoid chaos. On the other hand, labeled containers enhance the polished and organized approach.

Repurpose old supplies

Lining up older office supplies can enhance the storage space and make your kitchen stylish. Hanging artwork in a specific way can enhance the looks of your kitchen. For instance, you can mount the wine stand and use it as a stylish storage solution.

Hang cutting boards

Hanging cooking tools and chopping boards on the wall in the front of the cooktop makes them easier to store. Above all, you can get easy access to the tools while cooking.

Store dinnerware in drawers

You can create a monochrome kitchen décor and make sleek drawers to store dinnerware. It can be certainly a great way to hide them away in enclosed cabinets.

Magnetic rock to organise essentials

Get a sleek magnetic kitchen organiser, fix it on the side of the fridge and store your essentials like spices, paper napkins and foil.

Key Takeaways

These clever hacks will not only help you with enhancing the storage space but also will keep your countertop clutter-free as well.

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