Top Bathroom Trends 2020 to Keep an Eye on!

Top Bathroom Trends 2020 to Keep an Eye on!

2020 bathroom trends

Renovating your home and following the up to mark trends can be the best way to start your year with. Before you start sprucing up your bathroom space, it is important to be aware of the latest trends and designs.

To summarise, the designs of this functional spot should be critical enough to make a statement.

Follow these insights to make your bathroom competent for 2020 trends.

Amplify smaller spaces with a bigger impression

Small spaces, especially a powder room is definitely the best canvas for a singular, splashy statement. Use high-contrast, large scale wallpapers to expand the space.

Moreover, the beautiful wallpaper will infuse the space with an artful attitude.

A neutral palette is the latest trend

Classic bathroom spaces are always in trend indeed. It is something you will relish for many coming years. Using a monochromatic shade throughout the space will implement a modern look.

For instance, use one colour or material to achieve this impartial look. Imagine using a pastel green shade throughout or all marble tiles for floor and walls.

Incorporating a one material look creates a jewel-box like look to space, neutral and special.

Black is always bold and attractive

It is a spa-inspired trend. For the most part, the official return of black bold bathrooms evokes a high-end experience.

2020 bathroom trends

Exposed shower plumbing

The trend of exposing shower plumbing has become intermittent. It has been incorporated into personal bathrooms because the combination of industrial looks and white marble creates a modern and dashing look over there.

Pewtal and Gunmetal Hardware

The latest trend has influenced people over there like no one else. It is not as harsh as black colour and even not specific as brass or gold. In brief, it is all about providing fixtures to the texture and depth.

How about having a vanity in front of the window?

We are observing this trend of having vanities in front of windows. It allows the person to enjoy a spectacular view while standing at the sink.

Consequently, it has become quite common to suspend mirrors from the ceiling. It creates a great view along with ample light.

Open-concept designs

Gone are the days when the bathroom was something we needed to hide. Getting ready for the big night or a night out is related to show off now.

Above all, showering and getting ready feels liberating and awesome. You can use some steel or glass as a barrier which will ensure privacy as well. Mirrors are adding more and more fun to the residential interiors.

Statement walls in powder rooms

Powder rooms are designed to add a sense of drama and utility to your space. Oversized floral prints and bold, bright patterns are particularly appreciated.

Statement Art

As per the latest trends, art has not been limited to living rooms or bedrooms. A sophisticated piece of art can act more like a focal point in your bathroom.

2020 bathroom trends


The mixture of white and grey marbles

The combination of white and grey colours in marble continues to secure its position in the year 2020 as well. The classic, timeless combination will never go out of trend. The aesthetic value holds great resale value indeed.

Moreover, you can also use quartz and porcelain tiles for a more natural look and durability.

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