Top 8 tips to save water while gardening

Top 8 tips to save water while gardening

save water while gardening

Do you even realise how much water you are wasting in our garden? How it will impact your environment?  Water is one of the most important resources of nature. As a matter of fact, it helps you save the environment and money as well.

Tips to save water in your garden

In this blog, we have listed the top 10 ways to save water in your garden. The tips become even more significant in hot summers.

1. Improve the quality of your soil

The poor-quality soil asks for more water. Improving the quality of soil can help you save lots of water. Digging well-rotted manure together with homemade compost in the soil will help it retain its moisture.

The other way is to simply spread the layer of manure over the soil in the first place. It will automatically attract worms for the soil.

Create a wide planting hole for small plants and line them with polythene. Fill it back with soil and manure. The lining of polythene will not let the water drain quickly and preserve it for the roots of the plants.

2. Work with the flow of nature

If you are trying to plant moisture-loving plants in the dry soil, the fault lies in your efforts. Nature has its own working pattern and we should follow it. There are plants that enjoy dry conditions. These plants have special foliage which helps them adapt to water shortage.

For example, fleshy succulent plants are known as the best drought resistant plants.

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3. Mulch and mulch

Mulching is an activity that involves spreading dried leaves, bark and wood chips. It prevents water evaporation, keeps the weed down and maintains the temperature of the soil. Most of all, it looks attractive and keeps the soil moist.

The surface and well-rotten manure can be also covered with gravel, pebbles, and chips. However, if you are not much concerned about the aesthetics, you can also use landscape fabric or polythene for covering.

4. Harvest rainwater

One cannot ignore the benefits of rainwater for the reason that they are good for our environment. Create water butts in your garden either in the patio, close to the place where you have planted vegetables or wherever you need it.

Water from the shower or bath can also be collected for the plants. This way you will end up saving gallons of water per year.

5. Be wise while watering the plants

Water your plants before sunrise for the reason that it will get absorbed properly. As a result, the chances of losing water through evaporation will reduce. The water will set in the roots of the plants and they will keep the full advantage of it.

Also, there will be enough time left before the nightfall and water will dry off. Undoubtedly, it will reduce the chances of slug damage and fungal infection.

There is a watering tip that can help you greatly. Ignore the foliage and aim the base of the plant to get the best results.

water the roots

6. The benefit of water using water retaining get

If you are using baskets and containers for hanging plants, the chances of evaporation increase. Add water-retaining gel to the compost in the first place.

It will create some gel-like structures which will act as moisture reservoirs. Thus, the roots of the plants will get moisture throughout the day.

7. Choose your containers with care

First of all, replace your unglazed terracotta plant containers with plastic or glazed pots. Patio containers are porous which allows water to evaporate through them.

On the contrary, plastic containers hold the moisture tight.

Containers for your plants

8. Remove the competition

Keep a sharp eye on the growing weeds and remove them as soon as you notice. They must be stealing the nutrition and moisture your plants need.



Plants are definitely a big part of your life. These are just a few suggestions that can keep your plants healthy even after cutting upon their water consumption. As a result, you will be able to save tons of water.


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