Top 8 Sneaky Storage hacks for your tiny bathroom

Top 8 Sneaky Storage hacks for your tiny bathroom

The bathroom is where we clean up. Ideally, it should be the cleanest space in the home. That means; no clutter on the countertop and no towels or scattered electronics on the floor. Basically, you need to give everything a home. First and foremost, there should be enough storage to keep your daily essentials at your fingertips. Secondly, the idea of storage ideas should be clever enough to fit in your tiny space. Here are the best small bathroom storage hacks.

Clever storage ideas

1. Why not repurpose your bar cart?

We know how much you love your wine storage cart. However, it is the right time to keep it close to your eyes. Convert it into a linen closet on wheels.
Use this cart to keep spare towels, toilet papers and laundry. Toiletries can be stored on the top.

2. How about mounting magnetic organizers?

These incredible organisers can be easily stuck to the walls of your medicine cabinet. You can use it for storing brushes, compactly and neatly.
Moreover, you can also store your lipsticks and other makeup essentials into these. Therefore; no more digging into baskets and bags, and no more clutter.

3. Stash drawers under the sink

There is enough space under the sink to use it for storage. Fit in the space with perfectly labeled drawers. These drawers are perfect for the purpose of organisation.
You can re-label them from time to time as per your requirements and even can keep some of the unlabeled.

4. Create a storage ladder

A ladder is possibly the slimmest storage space you can think of. It can be used to hang towels, baskets, extra toilet papers and washable clothes.
Make sure it is not protruding out of the wall.

5. Use lazy susan to store cleaning supplies

It is important to store cleaning supplies at a convenient and handy place so that you can use them at any instant you want. For instance, you can get a cabinet designed under the sink to store all that stuff.
The handy approach will help you keep your bathroom spotlessly clean. Check them out.

6. Stash electronics nearby switch

Cords and plugs happen to be the messiest place in your bathroom. To get rid of this, create a space near the switch to store your electronics.
In addition to providing the right storage space, it helps you get rid of the mess.

storage hacks in a small bathroom

7. Tuck towels in a basket

This idea works best for those who lack a linen closet in their bathroom. Roll the towels and tuck them inside a basket.
The cute baskets will serve your purpose and make your washroom look beautiful as well.

8. Roll it out drawers

Gutting the bathroom space or getting an entirely new vanity is an expensive as well as time-consuming process. Why not use a rolling shelving unit instead of everything else?
A shelving unit with two drawers and two baskets will provide you with extra storage without looking too shabby.

small storage cabinet in a small bathroom

Pick any of the above ideas to save on space and do clever storage.

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