Top 6 Eco-friendly gardening ideas to go green this year

Top 6 Eco-friendly gardening ideas to go green this year

Eco-friendly gardening ideas from modest home

Having a garden is an ultimate opportunity to contribute to the natural world. Eco-friendly gardens are look-alikes of the normal ones, then how do they protect our environment? How do they differ from our usual gardens?

However, most of the contemporary gardens designed these days are sourced from ethical materials and work on innovative technologies.

Eco-friendly gardening ideas

The article involves the best eco-friendly gardening ideas to save your environment.

Recycle and reuse materials

First and foremost, you need to be careful about the origin, extraction, manufacturing and installation of the materials used in the process of gardening. Using recycled materials in creating structures, paths, walls and patios instead of using the fresh ones is a reclaimed way to go green.

There are many websites that deal with used buckets, gardening tools and clay pipes. Apart from saving upon resources, this trick will carve a special identity for your garden.

Eco-friendly gardening ideas from modest home

Choose eco materials

It has been observed that the green materials sourced by local communities promote the idea of sustainable gardens. Most of all, they reduce the carbon footprint significantly.

To have a clear idea, you can consult with the local craftsman. They will advise you how local materials like cob, oak, rammed earth, woven willows and chestnut paling timber are good in terms of both cost and durability.

Opt for local materials

Choosing local materials is a great way to reduce carbon footprint. For instance, the local made paving and pergolas are eco-friendly and can support your business too.

Conserve water

Everyone is aware of the importance of conserving water. How about utilizing the space and getting an underground water tank? It can store enough water for an average-sized garden.

However, you can also use weathered oak barrels or ubiquitous green plastic tubs if you are short on space.

Moreover, water the roots of the plants instead of sprinkling water on them. Replace the small pots with larger ones so that water doesn’t get dried quickly. Above all, avoid mowing the lawn at frequent intervals in summers.

Invest in green roof

You must have noticed how green roofs have gained popularity in the past decade. The reason being, they allow biodiversity to flourish, improves insulation against sun and winds, control water loss and most of all, look attractive.

To make it simple, you can use retrograde sheds and garages that can serve a similar purpose.

Cut back on chemicals                      

Last but not least, employ natural farming and gardening techniques to combat pests.

Natural pest control

  • Instead of using pesticides, use a strong jet of water to knock off greenflies.
  • Copper slug rings can perform the function of slug control.
  • Use garlic and rhubarb to get rid of garden pests.
  • Building a small wildlife pond will attract all sorts of wildlife insects for you.

Eco-friendly gardening ideas from modest home

Companion planting

  • In order to get rid of black spot disease, grown onion and chives around roses.
  • Growing carrots and leeks together is another way of repelling garden pests.
  • Growing basil around tomatoes improves its taste.
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