Top 5 Trending Ideas for Bathroom Floors

Top 5 Trending Ideas for Bathroom Floors

Whether it is a large bathroom or a powder room, bathroom tiles are no less than a statement maker. It sets the tone of the space indeed.  A bathroom should be pretty and stylish, but most of all, it should be practical enough for cleaning and safety purposes. Choosing the right bathroom floor is crucial.

Considering the fact that upgrading or renovating the bathrooms is not an easy job, it becomes necessary to create an evergreen design. Therefore, the floor tiles should be able to withstand the test of the time.

Top trends for bathroom tiles

The below-given tips will help you in creating a minimalist bathroom with trending floor tiles.

Tiles that appear like wood

Tiles, that look-alike wooden plank are in demand. These hardwoods like tiles are available in different colours, shades and textures. The latest inkjet technology makes the tiles look so realistic.

The wooden planks prove to be a great combination with chevron walls. As long as wooden tiles are concerned, white, grey and lighter brown shades are more popular.

Also, these tiles are easier to clean. Obviously, the thinner ground lines do not let dirt enter into them.

bathroom floors trends

Black and white stenciled tiles

For instance, these stenciled tiles are the best choice for every vintage fan. These super chic pattern is ruling over Pinterest these days undoubtedly. The mesmerizing tiles are available in different designs and sizes.


Tiles with self-pattern designs are known as Mosaics. White mosaics contribute to being the hottest floor tile design. The tiles are available in different shapes including chevron, small squares, hexagon, basket weaves or even the morocco shape.

It should be noted that people are using these tiles throughout their bathrooms, however, the shape of the floor and wall tiles differ.

White, greys or other neutral colours

Neutral and white colours are the primary choice for minimalist bathrooms. It makes the bathroom look larger in particular. When mixed with highlighters, these tiles add to the beauty of your space.

Apart from that, neutral beige also proves to be a great choice. However, warm tones such as yellow should be avoided. The combo of greys and beige is also a great choice.

A brushed nickel tone is considered perfect for hardware. It looks stylish as well as timeless. In addition to that, white, grey or pale blue paint will make your bathroom stand out.

bathroom floors ideas

Radiant heat floors

These floors have gained popularity in the last decade. These tiles are no less than luxury, especially in the places where climatic conditions are cold. First and foremost, the tiles get heated quickly and save you from stepping on the cold floor in winters.

The advanced technology has made it easier to install these tiles. The decreasing prices have made this technology attainable.

bathroom floors trends

Key Takeaway

Just don’t get confused with the variety. Your comfort and perfect disposal of water should be your top priority. And most of all make the choice that fits in your budget as well.  Avoid carpeting, vinyl tiles and laminated flooring in any case.

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