12 things to remove from your kitchen

One question that is frequently being asked is, “how can you make your kitchen convenient, practical and at the same time, spacious?”, and in all honesty, it’s a question that has never been easy to answer. However, with a little help from some interior designers, we have put together a list of 12 things that you should remove from your kitchen. This will help you optimize the space available, thus, making it convenient and practical.

So what can you remove from your kitchen?

Forgotten Food

Foods such as rice and pasta have a long shelf life like many other canned or packaged goods. However, these goods have expiry dates too, therefore, it is important that you always keep your shelves clean and that you take out any food that may have been forgotten.

Rustic kitchen food storage arrangement over kitchen counter


Silverware should be stored and only taken out during special occasions. It is pointless to place in the kitchen where the risk of damaging them is high. Keep such fancy things somewhere safe.

christmas place setting

Get Rid of Clutter

As much as you can, keep your kitchen free from clutter especially for smaller spaces.


We all know that plants give life to any environment but too many will only take up too much space. It is vital that we place a few plants in key spots that won’t make your kitchen cluttered.

fresh basil herb in pot olive oil kitchen

Unused kitchen items

Any kitchen item that is not used frequently should always be stored away and retrieved only when you need to use it.

Kitchen utensils

Magazines and Newspapers

Do you usually read the papers with your coffee in the morning and then leave them piled up on the dining table? Well, you’re not alone. Newspapers can be used to clean your glass windows, etc, therefore, instead of leaving them cluttered around the whole room, put them to better use.

Handsome man reading newspaper in the living room

Decorative Pieces

Your kitchen should be left in a state that is functional and ready for use the next day. Having too many decorative pieces such as baskets, bowls, jugs, etc, placed all over the place will only take up space and you’ll have to remove them every time you want to cook.

Lemons wicker basket decoration in Italian restaurant

Rugs or Carpets

If you want to have a practical kitchen, then say no to rugs and carpets in the kitchen. Waterproof rugs that are easy to clean can be an exception however, generally speaking, rugs and carpets don’t belong in the kitchen. Rugs are a top priority when you consider what to remove from your kitchen.

Gray rough carpet texture surface

Kitchen Utensils

Knives and other kitchen utensils should be kept in drawers or in cupboards and not left on the counter.

Knife block and utensil on the table.


It is often believed that having a flower vase on a kitchen island will make it look good but the truth is, you need the space on the island as a workshop. Therefore, vases are definitely not a necessity and will only eat up space.

Fresh white and red tulips on kitchen background. Present from husband, man. Copyspace

Multiple Bowls of Fruit

Although a colorful bowl of fruit placed somewhere in your kitchen may seem like a good idea but having multiple bowls of fruit is a no-no. If you have to have a bowl of fruit in your kitchen, then one is more than enough.

Fruit on a worktop

Devices used occasionally

Keep your kitchen counter always clear of devices that are not used most of the time. These spaces are essential for the things that you do daily and thus, only devices that you make use of should be kept while unused ones should be stored away and retrieved when needed.

spiralizing cucumber vegetable with spiralizer

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