Safeguard your property with Ring Video Doorbell!

Safeguard your property with Ring Video Doorbell!

Obviously, everyone wants to safeguard their property against theft, home invasion, porch pirates and unwanted solicitors.  The safety of your home is always on the top.

Video doorbells are indeed the first line of defense for homeowners. It is that extra set of ears and eyes that will help you in protecting your belongings. Not to mention, having a ring video doorbell is not something ‘nice to have’ but it is rather a must-have.

It not only allows you to check who is on the door but it allows you to speak with the person outside. Moreover, it records the footage of the guests so that you can have complete data while you are away or unable to answer.

Ring Video Doorbell 2| 1080p HD Video, Two-way Talk, Motion Detected, WI-Fi Connected

This ring video doorbell is highly recommended for each and every household indeed. It is quite easy to install this doorbell. In fact, you do not need any kind of electrical fitting to fix this video doorbell on your wall. Also, you can easily replace your existing doorbell with this.

This advanced device allows you to watch over your property from a distance. Either use your phone, tablet or PC, the next-generation equipment enhances your stronger system. Each time a visitor comes to your door, the device allows you to speak, hear or talk to him.

Read further to know more about the features of this amazing electrical device.

1080p HD Video with Live View

Monitor your property with this amazing ring video doorbell. The HD clarity videos allow you to see the live-videos in real-time with on-demand audio and video.

Motion-Activated Alerts

The motion-activated system of this electrical ring sends you notifications on your phone, tablet, and PC as soon as someone triggers it. All the credit goes to its built-in motion sensors.

Two-Way Talk

The built-in microphone and speakers of the ring doorbell allows you to hear and talk to your visitors from your mobile device. The noise cancellation system of the speaker fades the surrounding noises and lets you focus on the prime voice.

Works with Alexa

Furthermore, the doorbell can be connected with selective Echo devices like Echo Show or the Echo Spot and Alexa-enabled devices like Fire Tablets Gen 7+ and Fire TV. It defines your security at the sound of your voice and enables you to view the activities of your home live.

Removable Battery Pack

It is not necessary to move the device in order to charge it. Its quick-release battery pack lets you do so.

Interchangeable faceplates

The package includes two complementary faceplates which are eventually interchangeable. One is white and the other is black. Choose one that matches your security system well.

Adjustable Motion Sensors

The motion adjustable sensors are the most unique feature of this security enhancer. Adjust the sensitivity of your motion sensors because it will help you find the ideal setting for your home.

Let the Ring video doorbell capture and record the photos and videos of your surroundings.

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