10 Tips to Separate Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen

10 Tips to Separate Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen


You don’t have to buy the standard room separators.

It is not always easy to create separate spaces in your home especially if there’s a wall that stands in the middle of a large space, beams, ceilings, etc. Should these stop you from giving your home the beautiful look that you desire? Absolutely not. These obstacles can actually play a huge role in the way the whole space looks but you just have to know how to use them to your advantage. The size of your home will not pose as a problem here whether they are medium-sized apartments or large studios. We’ve put together 10 ideas that you can use to create the room separators feel and achieve that above goal.

Use luminaries

The colors in the living room and dining room could be in harmony, no wall or any solid material to separate the two rooms, however, using certain light fixtures in the dining room, for example, will do the trick. It is only practical to have more lighting in the dining room so as to have a better view of what’s on the dining table. Right?

Drapes in dining room interior


Another creative way to create two distinct spaces within your home is by using strong materials and a very good example of this is wood. Perfectly placing wood somewhere in your home while every other thing in its surroundings is not wood will emphasize the impression of two separate spaces. You will mostly find this done between the dining room and the kitchen because there’s usually not that much space between the two rooms.

Natural Light

Allowing natural light in through a large window overlooking the living room for instance and other rooms not getting enough of the day’s light makes one part stand out than the others.

The same effect could be achieved by playing with colors. Using bright ones in the living room and dimmer colors for the dining room.

White and turquoise open interior

Structure of the House

Having a wall in the middle of a room, a slope or low ceiling at one side, etc, gives you the advantage of emphasizing the separation between two rooms.

Sliding Doors

Traditional as it may be but sliding doors are definitely an option on the table. These come in different shapes, colors and designs. Sliding doors will add an air of elegance, sophistication and give that modern look to your home. There are many types of sliding doors that you can choose from depending on your taste. It could be glass, wood, maple framed, etc.

A Separation wall

If you already have a wall positioned in the middle of a space in your home, then obviously you wouldn’t have to do much here in terms of separating two spaces. However, if there’s no wall, then you can always resort to room dividers which you can easily find at any furniture chain. The dividers can be made of wood or they can be panels of intricate interwoven patterns etc.

Gallery of posters on the wall of stylish living room with woode


This is another great and obviously easy way to separate one room from the rest. Carpets can be used in narrow spaces and still help you create a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Modern living room interior

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Optical effect

Another way to create separate spaces from a single space area is through optical effects. You read that right. Optical effects in the form of colors, lights and certain patterns create images that affect our perception of our environment and how we interpret the world around us. This interpretation is based on what we see through our eyes.

Our eyes usually search for what is different or odd. Therefore, in the homogeneous environments, our eyes become very active and are easily attracted to anything that is unique and that breaks this homogeneity. Make sure to introduce this uniqueness or oddness in your kitchen, living room and dining room to create different atmospheres in the same single space.

Dining room with white table and orange chairs

Colors Attract the Eye

Items, appliances or furniture with common colors attract the eye. You can have three objects in three different locations in your home but because of their similar and bright colours, you tend to take notice of them immediately. The colour of your refrigerator in the kitchen, a sofa or chair in the living room and another object in your dining room can help create three different spaces in the home.

Make An Item Defined

A simple, fast and affordable way to achieve the above is by placing a particular item in any room and making it well defined and outstanding. You can achieve this by using colours. Using a particular bright color while every other piece in the room has a neutral fair hue will make your mission feasible.

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