Portable Electric Ceramic Space Heaters, 2 in1 2S Personal Heater Fan with Auto Oscillating Hot & Cool Mode

Portable Electric Ceramic Space Heaters

From the manufacturer

Technical Details

Model Number DH-QN05
Colour Black
Item Weight 1.34 Kg
Package Dimensions 25.5 x 19 x 18.5 cm

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Our Personal Space Heater uses ceramic heating body, it can not overheat, and has the characteristics of energy saving, safety and long service life,. It’s good for using at home and office, and it’s a must-have product in winter.

Why choose the KKCITE Electric heater?

①Intelligent design: when the heater is tipped over,the heater will stop working automatically.

②PTC ceramic heating technology: it can not overheat, at the same time , it can energy saving, safety and long service life. It can output wind quickly.

③Safety and environmental protection:The fuselage adopts imported ABS flame retardant material, reaching V0 grade flame retardant.

④135 degree Oscillating heating. 2 seconds fast heating.

⑤Recessed carry handle design.Touch button design, can easily change to any degree as you like.

⑥3 constant heat settings,3.5W natural wind, 700W soft heating, 950W fast heating. Both good for winter and summer.

A protection key on-off switch

Before use, you should turn on this main power button, and then you can adjust the touch button on the top of this heater.

Check best price on amazon
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