Popular Bedside lamps that prevent you from Fumbling in the dark

Popular Bedside lamps that prevent you from Fumbling in the dark

Are you among those people who use bedside lamps twice a day on a mandatory basis? If yes, then you know how crucial it is to choose the right light piece.

Eventually, this decision cannot be made in a jiffy. You need to compare all the possible brands, styles and your requirement to choose the best among them.

People use it for reading newspapers or books, watching Netflix or when their young kids suddenly get up.

In this blog, we have discussed all the possible kinds of bedside lamps that can make your bedroom more comfortable and beautiful.

Designs and Styles of Bedside lamps

We have mentioned 10 popular styles of lamps.

Regular lamps

These are the traditional designs that provide sufficient light and shade. Don’t expect anything fancy here. However, these are not ideal for reading purposes as the light does not face downwards.

Wall-mounted lamps

Wall-mounted lamps are much appreciated for they keep their bedside table clean. This way, you get enough space for keeping your phone, tablet, medicine, spectacles or whatnot. However, it becomes a problem if you decide to move your bed.

These lamps suit best with loft and bunk beds.

Desk/ Reading lamps

The downward shining light makes these lamps best for reading purposes. Moreover, the arm that radiates light is adjustable to make reading more convenient.


Torchieres are preferred for an industrial or antique look. The narrow lamps are narrow in appearance and emit sufficient light. In addition to it, their tall build makes them ideal for reading.


These are fairly short lamps and are not much functional as well. They are not adjustable and being short; do not help in reading as well. It is because of the less utility, these lamps are not much appreciated.


This is the most viable option as arches above the bed serve best for reading. These lamps are not as convenient as the traditional lamps, but they are perfect in their function and enhance your bedroom’s décor as well.


These lamps can be easily clipped on over something so that you can keep your bedside table neat and clean.

These lamps are preferred because you don’t need any toolkit to mount them on and they are quite convenient to use. In the end, you only need a catch to clip it on.


At the end of the day, you need something that produces incandescent light instead of blinding LED light. The super cool vintage lamps make your room stylish and desirable.

vintage Bedside lamps

Bedside floor light

Floor lamps happen to be a great option when it comes to replacing bedside lamps. They not only keep your bedside table clutter-free but provide downward light which is ideal for reading.

floor Bedside lamps


The variety and choices are endless when it comes to lamps for kids. You may opt for regular as well as wall-mounted lamps.

Most of us keep these kids lamps on for night as well as kids night need it when getting up and see where they are going.

kids Bedside lamps


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