Pecute Grooming Dematting Comb!

Groom your Pets with this Pecute Grooming Dematting Comb!   

Pets provide us with unconditional love and they are no less than a part of our family. It is our duty to give them proper care and grooming from time to time.

Whether you have a dog or cat, grooming is an essential part of owning them. If not done properly, it can lead to unhappy pets and frustrated pet owners.

Dogs with long and silky fur coats are quite prone to getting knots and tangles. Regular grooming prevents them from getting dead hair, dirt and loose fur indeed. Also, it can result in developing serious mats.

To avoid any such condition, it is important to have excellent dematting and detangling combs. We have reviewed the best Grooming Dematting Tool kit for your pets.

Picture Grooming Dematting Comb Tool kit- Double Sided Blade Rake Grooming Comb – Removes Loose Undercoat, Knots, Mats and Tangled Hair

Groom your pets with this amazing high-quality and durable dematting tool kit. The Kit includes a combo of dematting comb and versatile comb.

Pamper your pets with this pecute pet grooming kit with this gentle and precise grooming experience. On the whole, advanced technology ensures no pain and no scratch on their sensitive skin.

Features of the Product

Dematting Comb

The demat kit comprises of specifically 2- set of blades. There is this blade machine that can be easily held with a handle indeed. Gently pick the 12-blade machine through the matted area and get out the knots.

Then, use this 23-blade side in the same way for the purpose of de-shedding and thinning. It is advised to comb in the direction of hair as it ensures your pet’s comfort.

Versatile Comb

Like every other versatile comb, there are two kinds of spaces in the teeth of the comb. In fact, it is these different gaps that ensure perfect grooming.

The wide teeth are obviously more comfortable. This is especially used for combing feet hair.

Next is the narrow tooth side that can be used for removing tangles and mats from pet’s skin. On the whole, it makes their hair smoother.

Rounded Ended

The blades are actually rounded from the ends to avoid any kind of scratches, unlike the pointed tips, can cause. However, the ends are quite sharp from inside. They are particularly designed to remove all mats and tangles. Hence; the machine is absolutely safe, fast and easy.


The dematting tool kit is made from high-quality TPR material. The blades are made from stainless steel material and they do not rust.

Another key point is its ergonomic design. Its non-slip comfortable handle prevents grooming fatigue.

Moreover, it is the sturdy construction of the kit that ensures its durability and the machine lasts for longer.

Wrapping it up

The machine is absolutely safe and suitable for all the breeds and genres of dogs. Whether you have a heavier or dainty dog, it is perfect for long hair.

Your pets will soon feel accustomed to its comb that works in the right direction.

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