Painting Textured Wallpaper is now easy with these simple tips

Thinking of repainting your walls, but hesitant because you have textured wallpaper. Don’t be. Painting over textured wallpaper may be easier than you think, it even can be easier than painting over smooth wallpaper. In some cases, painting over textured wallpaper can help in covering those loose seams, making them less obvious.

You don’t have to do any extra steps when painting textured wallpaper, the method of painting all types of wallpaper is the same. We have come up with some useful tips, to help you paint your textured wallpaper professionally. 

Best tips to paint Textured Wallpaper

  • Look for any defects. Locate the loose seams in the wallpaper and the loose corners, check if you can glue them back with seam paste or you have to take it off. If you can’t glue it back, pull it off gently not to ruin a big space of the wallpaper. Next, you should (or have to) remove nails and hangers gently, not to leave big holes.
    Afterwards, remove the switch plate covers and any other item that is hanging on the wall, to clear the space for the fresh paint.
  • All the edges has to be sealed well. Use a suitable caulking for the adjacent surfaces, and make sure not to leave extra caulking and keep your surface clean as possible.
    You can use brown or tan caulking for wood, and white caulking for white painted surfaces (ex: ceilings).
    The small gaps where wallpaper meets the ceiling have to be filled properly, or it will be obvious after you’ve finished painting.
    Don’t forget that the caulking needs to dry overnight before you start to paint.
    Note: your wallpaper has to be secured, otherwise, all of your hard work will be wasted.

  • Prepare the walls for painting. To have a clean edge paint and neat lines, mask off the ceiling, trims, baseboards and chair rail with painter’s masking tape.
    In case you are changing the color of the trims, paint them before starting on your walls. Make sure to let trims dry first before masking them off to paint on wallpaper. 
  • Clean the wallpaper. remove as much dust as possible from the surface of the wallpaper before painting.

Let’s start the real work…

  • Use a fast-drying oil-based primer to prime your walls. Stay away from water-based primers and paints, as the water will loosen the seams lifting it up.
    Also, don’t paint over wallpaper directly, it may miss with the color you were looking for. Ask the paint store to add tint to your primer to match the desired color. 
  • After priming.  Joint compound or caulking can be used to hide seams that are still noticeable, it depends on the wallpaper texture.
    For nail holes, add Spackle with your fingertip to be more pierces. Using a putty knife when applying Spackle to small areas could result in flat spots on the wall.

  • Choosing paint. Opt for less glossy options, to avoid any unevenness showing on the wall. Flat paints tend to be not washable, so if that’s a concern, ask for the scrubbable flat paint.
  • It’s always better to paint the wall twice, to make it more durable. Before doing the second coat let the first one dry for a couple of hours.
    Brush before rolling to minimize brush marks. Don’t take the tape or install anything on the wall the minute you are done painting, you have to wait 3-4 hours.
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