Pack your tiny bedroom with stylish ideas

Pack your tiny bedroom with stylish ideas

If you have a small bedroom and you feel claustrophobic with space, you lack strategic styling and creativity.

In this blog, we will discuss some design savvy ways and layout techniques to make your cocoon space appear magically bigger.

Get most out of your cozy attic bedroom with these ideas:

  • Light and bright walls and decorative accessories

White colour is not only the most practical but the most expansive choice as well when it comes to a smaller room. It will make your room look bigger and brighter.

Despite keeping it plain, layer it with different textures and patterns. The chrome bedside lamps can be an excellent addition. Monochrome accessories will transform it from sterile to stylish.

  • A cozy corner bed

Most of the rooms endorse the idea of centering the bed on the wall. However, in that case, the floor plan will be narrow and space will be limited.

Tucking up your bed in the corner is a clever idea of maximising the space. This way; your sleepy area will become cozy and snug, and you will also get extra space to roam around.

Although, it may feel like a college dorm yet an innovative headboard can create the charm.

  • A thin headboard and sleek bed frame

Master the luxury of your room by occupying just a few extra inches of the room. Replace the traditional headboard with a simple yet creative headboard to finish the looks.

In addition to it, create the space over the headboard with art or pictures.

  • Minimal and modest

If it is the bedroom, the focus must lie on the bed. Opt for the minimal style by pairing up your bed with just the necessary and essential accessories.

Moreover, make sure to create sleek and contemporary spaces to increase storage. The spaces should be small enough to not to be noticeable.

  • Bring in plenty of light

Add life and light to your space. Let the natural sunshine embrace your bedroom. Also, make space for indoor plants to make it feel fresh and lively.

  • Mirrors create an illusion of space

We know how mirrors expand the space and create the illusion of a bigger room. However, if positioned against the window, it will reflect the natural light making your better lit.

It is probably the easiest way of making your room appear bigger.

  • Cut the clutter out

Even the extra inches would fail to make a difference if your room is crowded and has clutter around. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need or you hardly use.

  • Befriend the dark

You must have heard this several times not to paint the walls of a smaller room with darker shades. However, nothing can be as chic and dashing as the room painted in charcoal gray, olive green or dark blue shades.

The walls of your room should be independent of any stereotype and thus you have all the authority of playing around with the palette.

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