Organise your kitchen fabulously with these hacks!

Organize your kitchen fabulously with these kitchen organization hacks!

A fabulously organized kitchen saves your time and space. It is literally the first step of planning and renovation. Using some Kitchen organization strategies will help your kitchen whip into the right shape.

Kitchen organization Ideas   

In this blog, we have mentioned some ideas that will help you in finding extra space in your kitchen.

Weed out unused items

Organising your kitchen can be easiest when you know what you have, what you need and what you don’t. It includes ditching extra spatulas and throwing the broken veggie peeler.

To summarise, get rid of every damaged kitchen tool and treat yourself with new ones.

Kitchen organization starts with Creating zones

To begin with, creating zones will prove to be the most important step in running your kitchen smoothly. There can be different zones including ‘Baking zone’, ‘chopping zone’, serving zones, things you eat and drink, pots and pans.

Instead of wondering where you have kept your blender, you will simply check the baking zone.

kitchen organization hacks

Group like items

You may find it redundant with the last point, but grouping the similar items together will work like magic indeed. Most of all, it will become easier for you to find things.

For instance, it will become easier to find cans, if stacked together.

Frequently placed items should be handy while less used items can be kept away

There is no rocket science involved in this. The items you use infrequently should be kept above the refrigerator, at the back of the drawers or above the cabinets.

There are some items that you may need once r twice a year. Instead of storing them in your kitchen, you can keep them in the basement.

Likewise, chopping boards, knives or regularly used pans should be easily accessible.

Decant food into containers, see-through baskets and bins.

Instead of unloading your groceries directly into your cabinet, store the stuff into boxes and containers. Snack bars, raisin boxes, and similar packets should go straight into bin whereas stuff like sugar and flour can be kept in snapware containers. Similarly, there are cereal keepers for cereals.

Not only it will create more space but the food items will be stored freshly as well.

Most of all, it will be easiest to locate food items.

Label, label, label!

People may laugh at you for doing this, but who cares? Your convenience is your topmost priority.

If you are tired of putting your things away and searching for them then it is high time to start labeling your shelves. Moreover, it will also help you, husband or mother, to put things in the right place.

Make space out of wasted areas

Look around your kitchen space and you will definitely end up discovering some new space you have been missing on lately. You may find cabinets begging for baskets.

Make sure to get the most out of that space. Using space is key in kitchen organization.

Above all, you can use wall space for hanging pots and pans. It will help you to free up your entire cabinet space.

Evaluate what works best for your kitchen organization methods

It is about pre and post-evaluation of what you have done with your kitchen. It will allow you to overhaul your system and tweak it.

Over time, you will realise the things that are not working out and will change it.

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