Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Any kitchen must have a set of basic electrical appliances that are going to help in your daily life routine and maybe some of them are appliances and some of them how to organize your own kitchen.

Here are the most important Kitchen Appliances to consider


The refrigerator has an important role in preserving food from bacteria and rotting in the kitchen.

Use a refrigerator thermometer to measure the optimum temperature that will keep food fresh and that’ll hinder the spread of bacteria that may occur as a result of increased temperatures.

Take care to organize the food and materials inside the refrigerator to take advantage of all empty places and nothing of smelly food touch another and vice-versa and make sure to allow the air to circulate, it cannot be achieved if the refrigerator is increasingly full.

Pay attention to storing all kinds of fruits and vegetables on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Seal foods and materials such as onions and garlic; to prevent the spread of pungent smell inside the refrigerator. Keep food in plastic containers to prevent overlapping.

Open refrigerator filled with food

Electrical Oven

Determine the size of the oven according to the size of the kitchen. If the size of the kitchen is small, you must choose a small oven. A width of 12 to 13 inches will be perfect.

Stoves or ovens, whether electricity or gas depending on your preference, besides that electric stoves need more time to cook and heat food compared to the time spent with gas stoves. So gas stoves save a lot of time and money as well because electricity is more expensive than gas usage but not green or eco-friendly like electricity. The oven should be at eye level so you don’t have to bend your back when placing anything in the oven or take them out. Bear in mind that electric stoves are easier to clean than gas stoves though. Be sure to rack the oven or stove from the floor of the kitchen no more than 90 cm. Provide a place or surface next to the oven to place hot dishes as they exit the oven.

Cooking homemade pizza in an electric oven.


Standing for a long time in the kitchen to prepare meals for your family exposes your lungs to a lot of fumes that negatively affect your health if inhaled for too long. These fumes may leak out and be inhaled by children and make them vulnerable to chest diseases.

Therefore, the installation of a range hood inside the kitchen helps to get rid of these fumes in the kitchen before they accumulate and leak out.

There are many types of popular hoods that help you to get rid of any odors or fumes found inside the kitchen and the best types of these hoods are the following:

Square Hood:

This type of hood is the most common type. It is wall-mounted and can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchen hood with filters where there are two types with filter only and pyramid ventilation pipes and filters. This hood is one of the best types of hoods as this type helps to purify the air from any oils and existing vapors that arise from food during preparation.

hoods are among the important kitchen appliances

Filter only hood:

Purifies the air in the kitchen from any dust particles or dust in the air. This type of hood filters the air from the carbon and water steam resulting from the preparation of food comes from grilling fish or chicken inside the stove oven.

Pyramid range hood:

Pyramid hood shape where they contain ventilation pipes where these pipes work to suck out and expel odors, vapors, and smoke resulting from the process of cooking, through the ventilation tube in it and this type of hood is suitable for people who do not have large places to put hood out.

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