Make Cooking Easier with this best Food Processor!

Make Cooking Easier with this best Food Processor!

We all have juicers and grinders at our home, but there are times when they don’t feel like sufficient indeed. Of course, these appliances cannot help us with the task of chopping our fruits and vegetables. That is why; we need a food processor.

This is an effective household kitchen device that can perform numerous cooking jobs including chopping, slicing, mixing and juicing. It not only makes the cooking preparation easier but helps you save time as well. Also, it prevents you from doing repetitive kitchen tasks.

A food processor consists of different parts including bowls, feed tubes and, chutes and pushers sized according to the feed tube.

Moreover, this kitchen appliance is absolutely safe and handy to use.  We have reviewed the best food processor from the house of Philips.

Philips HR7510 /11 Viva Compact Food Processor, 6 Accessories, 29 Functions, 800 W

When you will start using the Philips Food Processor, you will feel as if some dream of yours has come true. Eventually, it gives you the liberty of loving and eating homemade meals.

The Philips food processor is specifically designed for people who lead a hectic and busy life indeed. This high-quality, multi-functional kitchen appliance can perform more than 29 functions at a time.

You can use it for chopping, mincing, pureeing, slicing and shredding as well. In addition to it, it can help you in making meals, bread, sauces, and many more things.

Whatever your mood is, use the appliance to cook the appropriate food.

Let us move forward and take a look at the features of this appliance.

Powerful Motor

The powerful 800 W motor of the food processor is capable of handling a different kinds of ingredients effectively. Use it for making bread dough, chopping hard vegetables, grinding cheese or chocolate.

Also, it performs the function of slicing and shredding.

Power Chop Technology

The amazing power chop technology of the appliance is a combination of blade shape, cutting angle and inner bowl. In fact, this technique works effectively well with both soft and hard foods. Also, it assists you in making purees and mixing batter for the cake.

The ergonomically designed, double-sided discs make both shredding and slicing easier.

Space saver design

This is a compactly designed appliance that takes up minimum counter space. The fully-equipped electrical device can be easily stored inside one of its bowls.

Colour-Coded Speed Guidance 

Match the accessory colour to the same speed colour for having the best results and performance. First is speed 1, use it for whipping cream, beating eggs, making pastries or bread dough.

Next, speed 2 can be used for chopping onions, mincing meat, making smoothies and many more things as well.

Break-resistant jar

The blender jar is made from high-quality plastic. It does not break easily. Moreover, it has a capacity of 1 L to 5 portions of smoothies.

Dishwasher Safe Accessories

The brand has used dishwasher safe material for the construction of the accessories of this food processor. Keep them in the top rack of the machine for the purpose of easy cleaning.

Over 29 functions

In addition to the above facilities, the food processor supports 29 functions from anything to everything. It includes making meals, bread, juices, soups and much more.

Moreover, the capacity of jars does not force you to limit your number of guests. The blender of the appliance is so powerful that it can easily crush ice for you.


The product is loaded with a guarantee of 2 years. It covers any kind of technical issue. However, it does not deal with any kind of physical breakage.

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