Major Tips to choose the right curtains for your Bedroom

Major Tips to choose the right curtains for your Bedroom

No matter how elegant your bedroom is and, how expensive accessories and decoration pieces you have bought, a bedroom is always incomplete without window treatment.

The curtains you choose set the tone and mood of your room. A few people like subtle neutrals and others like bold patterns. However, this is not the only criteria to make a choice. There are various other factors including the fabric, colour, length and durability of the curtains that matters.

How to select the right curtain?

We have narrowed down a few options that will help you choose the right curtains.

Colour and Fabric

The fabric of your curtain dictates how efficiently they will perform their function and for how long they will be able to take it. First and foremost, it becomes difficult to pleat if the fabric of the window treatments is too heavy and, secondly too lighter fabrics are difficult to manage. You need to strike a balance.

When it comes to colours, you should know that bright colours fade away with sunlight. Therefore; if your room gets too much sunlight, you should avoid colours that tend to fade away faster.

Fabrics like silk, velvet, linen and faux silk are the best choices for window treatments. Out of these four, faux silk is the most durable one.

Length and lining

Before you decide the length of the curtain, you need to decide how above you want to hang it. If you want to make your room look higher, hang panels above the windows.

The length between the top of the window and the floor should be the exact length of the curtain. Add 2-3 inches more to it for a few extra inches.

Apart from that, add 4-8 inches more to the width of the window and double the number to find the exact fullness of the curtain. These extra inches will help you in blocking the extra light entering your room when the sun is bright.

Washer machine-friendly vs. dry-clean only

First and foremost, determine your exact requirements whether you need dry-clean only stuff or washing machine friendly material. Curtains that can be washed in machine help you save money and time. However, dry-clean only curtains sustain perfectly well in the long run.

Off-the-shelf and custom made treatments

Custom made curtains have numerous benefits. The tailored look served you with a perfect fit. You can get your panels customized in numerous designs and endless materials.

Designs made from different materials fit in your budget easily.

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Wrapping Up the Bedroom Curtains Guide

You can hire home consultations for the best services and solutions. You can avail the option of both in-home and online consultations. They will help you decide on the colours and textures that will blend with your interiors perfectly.

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