knobs and pulls for your kitchen cabinet!

Most popular knobs and pulls for your kitchen cabinet!

Now when you have finalised the door style for your kitchen cabinets and nailed the colour selection as well, you just need to be done with the last nail of the coffin. Just one more thing and you will be done with your kitchen remodeling project.

Last but not least, you need to choose the right knobs and pulls.

Many kitchens are designed without this essential hardware, however, they never achieve that finished look. Moreover, you need to install this necessary segment to prevent the wear and tear of cabinet doors.

The top kitchen hardware styles

In order to sort it out, we have enlisted the most popular knobs and pulls.

Satin Nickel knobs

The quintessential stainless steel knob is suitable for almost every kitchen. The base of the knob is more stylish which also adds to the overall style of your space.

Satin Nickel and oil Rubber Bronze Cup Pulls

These pulls are popularly known as ‘apothecary’ pulls. This style works best in both modern and traditional kitchens. Most of all, it focuses on retro-motifs.

Oil Rubbed Bronze king Knobs

If you have a traditional or transitional kitchen, you should look for these subtly decorated. In addition to their attractive shade, these knobs have circular accents to complement modern kitchens as well. The dot-or circle based pattern of this hardware item enhances its aesthetic beauty.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Scroll Pulls

This knob appears like a traditional style pull at first style. However, you will later realise that its geometric shape gives it a retro-flair. Install it on your shaker-style cabinet of the modern kitchen and enjoy the sight.

Satin Nickel Ring Knobs

The look of this knob is quite similar to oil rubbed bronze knobs. It has a slightly raised pattern which instills a contemporary take instead of traditional style.

Weathered Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze pulls

These knobs are the most versatile option you will come across. Its sleek build is good enough to satisfy modern designers, however, the subtle curve complements traditional and transitional kitchen as well.

kitchen pulls and knobs

Candler antique silver pulls

How about installing these subtle yet stylish ultra-versatile pulls? They will not only complement the traditional kitchens but contemporary designs as well.

kitchen pulls

Candler Satin Nickel Rectangular Knobs

The partnership of knob and the Candler pull adds elegance to your kitchen. Above all, they add dimension to the overall design of your kitchen.

kitchen knobs and pulls

Wrapping it Up

The choice of design may differ according to your personal taste and style but make sure to buy the tried-and-tested materials.




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