Keep your teeth clean with the Best Electric Toothbrush

Keep your teeth clean with the Best Electric Toothbrush

Everyone wants clean teeth and healthy gums but no one wants to invest the required time and money in the first place. It is important to maintain a regular cleanliness regime for your teeth if you want them to hang well till your old age.

Of course, you must have come across numerous advice and suggestions for maintaining your oral health. However, buying a proper and efficient toothbrush remains at the top.

Our research says that electric toothbrushes are something you should endorse and try out as they are best in their range. Surprisingly, these are an affordable option too.

Buy this toothbrush without breaking off your budget and flaunt your clean teeth.

Fairywill Sonic Toothbrush, Electric Toothbrush Clean Teeth like a Dentist Rechargeable, 4 Hours Charge, Minimum 30 Days, Use 5-optional Modes, 3 Brush Heads

Not all of us know the exact technique of cleaning the teeth and using the toothbrush. As a matter of fact, Fairywill Sonic Toothbrush cleans your teeth just like a dentist.


The well-designed, powerful brush cleans your teeth with 40,000 micro-brushes per minute. The toothbrush is so capable that it can clean your teeth in 7 days and visibly improves your oral health in 14 days.

Moreover, it removes 100% of stains and plaques. It is double as efficient as compared to a regular manual toothbrush. The brush heads are designed in the shape of W. The tooth-waved bristles are crafted to suit all types of teeth, for thorough cleaning of gums and reach every nook and corner. Next, the rounded bristles ensure safety as well as gentleness.

This is an extremely lightweight device and the total weight counts to 55 gram only.

Powerful, Excellent Performer Battery

Can you believe that one 4-hour charge can last for a complete month?  Yes, charge the battery of your toothbrush just for once and take the benefit for 30 days.

Moreover, the battery is compatible with any power source. The system automatically shuts off once fully charged. All you need is a simple USB charger indeed. You can conveniently charge it even while travelling or so.

Generally speaking, it works exactly how dentists advise you to clean your teeth. While working, there is an automatic pause of 30 seconds after every 2 minutes as recommended by oral surgeons.
Also, the battery is quite durable and performs well each time.

5 High-Performance Brushing Modes

The toothbrush set includes 5 different brushing modes. One can use it according to one’s condition of teeth and gums. The main unit is accompanied by 3 different toothbrush heads. On the whole, this is a major upgrade from regular teeth cleaning experience.

Above all, it hardly produces any noise. You can even call it a silent worker.

5 Operational Modes

You can operate your toothbrush literally on 5 different modes. It includes Strong (to eliminate stubborn plaques and stains), Medium (regular cleaning), Gentle (for sensitive gums), Inverted frequency (front teeth polish) and Inverted frequency (gum care).

The personalised brushing mode not only improves the appearance of your teeth but teeth health and gum circulation as well.

Everyone including children, kids, adults or aged people can use them and set the mode accordingly.


Unlike most of the electric toothbrushes, this brush is absolutely waterproof. You can use it even while taking a shower. This feature makes the toothbrush more suitable for younger kids and children, or the people who are always in a hurry.

The brush is available in different shades and colours. Choose one as per your choice. I hope you would like to give it a try.

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