Ideas to design your dream rustic kitchen (part 2)

Earlier, we presented some ideas that can help you add some rustic touches to your kitchen, to transfer it to a country style heaven. Now, we are back with some more great ideas to take you a step closer to your dream kitchen.

Rustic kitchen to go …

Putting style in countrystyle

With budget in mind, you can create shabby chic style decor pieces for your rustic kitchen. Create DIY table placemats using braided ropes and glue, choose the size you desire according to your tableware and space available.

Use unfamiliar materials

Using burlap and jute to create a stylish look. You can use a burlap cloth as a curtain, or cover your floor with a jute rug to have a comfy mess free place.

Paper towel holder

Using an old lantern as a paper towel holder, gives you that rustic feeling. It’s all about using what you have and creating the perfect piece. You can even use an old pipe as a holder.

Decorative storage pieces

Rustic style is famous for fancy storage containers, which are mostly made from porcelain. Use those pieces as a functional piece of decor for your table.

Vintage clock

Taking a quick tour in your local flea market, you will find many hidden treasures. A vintage clock is a great addition for your design, you will find many options wooden, copper and more, choose what suits your taste.

Barn door for your pantry

If you don’t like the open shelves concept, you can use an old wooden barn door as a sliding door for your pantry. Unlike folding doors, sliding doors save space and are not that hard to install.

Glass clamp lid jars

Use your dry food jars in your design, clamp lid jars and mason jars are a good option. Fill them with beans, rice, nuts or even candies for a colorful look.

Displaying wooden utensils

Nothing screams rustic style more than old wooden kitchenware. If you don’t haven’t inherit some of those from your family, you can easily find them in flea markets or garage sales. 

Vintage Metal kitchenware

Don’t waste those old galvanized metal kitchenware, use them as baskets or storage units if they are big enough.

A hutch and a cupboard

A wooden cupboard with a hutch is a valuable addition to your rustic kitchen. Store your items inside the cupboard and display your fancy vintage antiques on its shelves. 

Ceramic jars

This won’t get shabby. Using ceramic items is always a good addition to your design.

A dutch door

If you have a garden leading to your kitchen, a dutch door will be the perfect choice. It’s lightweight and you can open the upper half to enjoy a cooling breath on hot days.

A coop style door for your cupboard

Use wire Lattice to create an airy cupboard door, it’s a budget friendly unique decor item. 

The power of white

White never goes out of style, it’s a clean color that goes with almost any design option. Use white as a base color for your kitchen and mix it up to suit your taste.


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