Ideas to design your dream rustic kitchen (Part 1)

If you ever went to a country house, you might have got that calm inviting feeling in every corner. Maybe what most represented this feeling was the kitchen, with pie smell coming from the oven and the wood furnishing mixed with neutral color paint.

Usually, in every country house kitchen you will find some main aspects. You will find that most of the design depends on wood and earthy elements, with a couple of vintage and handmade pieces. 

The design is far away from uptight designs, it’s more simple with some elements that may feel odd at first but it completes the whole look. This simpler feeling, encourages you to feel free in your own space.

If you want to recreate this feeling in your home, you can do so by incorporating some elements as shown below.

Create your own rustic kitchen

Use the most rustic popular paint shades

Most country houses use neutral colors such as soft silver and white, in addition to wooden elements. Those elements create a vintage look that is functional and budget friendly.

Placing a chalkboard 

Walking in a country house kitchen, you won’t miss the chalkboard hanging. It can be used as a reminder board, recipe board or just for drawing what comes in mind. You can either choose to hand a regular sized chalkboard, or go for a bigger more obvious option like a pantry door.

Place rustic elements in a barn basket

A true countryside element is an antique barn basket. You can use it in different ways, but using it as a decor piece with ceramic and/or wooden tools will give you a rustic vibe. Place it on the countertop, by the stove or on the kitchen island, if you have one. It’s both decorative and functional at the same time.

Mirrors with washed frames

Simplicity is what characterizes countryside designs, you don’t have to buy fancy expensive pieces. When it comes to mirrors, an old one can be modified to match your design. Use whitewashed or wooden frames to give the mirror it’s rustic charm.

Internal mini herb garden

To help you start cooking, keep your fresh herbs near. Create your own internal garden using recycled coffee or soup cans. Don’t forget the herb snipping scissors, which you can place in a separate can.

Extra rustic storage drawers

You can use farmer’s market crates to create extra storage drawers, you can find those crates easily at your local store. Transfer those crates to handy storage units from your dream farmhouse.

Decorative Fruit and Flower Stand

Stack old fruit or cake stands in a decorative way to create a rustic display. Complete the look by using the flowers you like, you can use a couple and keep your display functional, or go wild.

Country style cabinet curtains

If you decide to use open shelves instead of closed cabinets, you can hide your kitchen gadgets by using a linen country style curtain.

Porcelain deep Farmhouse Sink

For a french country look, install a Porcelain deep Farmhouse Sink that can be placed over your cabinet.

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