Ideas for Bathroom Remodel

When you are remodeling your bathroom, try not to stick to the conventional ideas and go out of the box. It’s a good opportunity to add value to your house and update the style of your bathroom.

The most important thing is, improving your bathroom should make it more efficient, more functional yet more stylish.

Here are some ideas that could help you have a clear vision on how to upscale your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Install Low-Flow, Hidden-Tank Toilet

Hidden-tank toilets are very practical for small bathrooms, because the water storage tank is installed inside the wall. On the other hand, Low-flow models help in saving water when flushing. So, it’s a win-win situation.

These toilets are most suitable for modern and contemporary bathrooms, but they can fit in with any other style.

However, there is a downside to the hidden-tank toilet, as it’s hard to access the water storage tank in case you are doing maintenance.

Hidden-tank toilet models that use pressure valves are noisy, that’s why you can only find them in public bathrooms and commercial buildings.

Shower floor

If your bathroom area is small, you won’t be able to install a bathtub, a showering cabinet will be better. However, a showering cabinet could be not that safe if you used the wrong floor tiles. A good option would be choosing small and textured floor tiles for your cabinet, to keep you from slipping while showering.

You can mix and match those tiles with ceramic and porcelain tiles, which are available in many shapes and styles.

Use wider Plumbing Drain Pipes

Most bathrooms use drain PVC plastic pipes with maximum diameter 1.5 inches, which can clog easily especially if you have a big family using the same bathroom. Wider drain pipes that come in 2 inch diameter are better, and will cause less plumbing issues.

Do you really need a bathtub?

With the fast lifestyle we are living in, long baths calming are a thing from the past. So, before installing a bathtub, think about what you really want. If you don’t like taking baths. and you just like to have a quick shower then a bathtub is not for you. A regular shower is a better option, as it won’t use as much space.

But if you like the relaxing feeling of a hot bath, and you want to pamper yourself every once in a while, then go for installing one.

Ventilation source

To avoid humidity in your bathroom, you have to have a good ventilation source. Natural ventilation, from a window,  is the best option to properly aerate your bathroom, keeping it mold free. It’s even better than a bathroom fan.

For extra privacy, go for a frosted glass window.

A hidden Medicine cabinet

A recessed medicine cabinet can save space and provide a more modern, sleek look. You can choose to go big for more storage space, or you can keep it small for just the essentials.

Light fixtures

Improve the lighting in your bathroom to improve functionality and mood. Main lights are better to be dimmer if you like to take long baths, to help you get in the mood.

Don’t forget to add light fixtures around the mirror for when you shave or do your hair.

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