How using Magnolia colours in interiors can affect your mood

Using certain colours in interior design can affect your mood in ways you can’t imagine. Colours like yellow for instance can boost your happiness, optimism,  and confidence levels. While colors like grey, don’t have any positive psychological properties.

Many houses use magnolia colors all over the property. It seems to be the favorite option for many property developers and landlords as well. Which will make you wonder, why is using the magnolia paint colors scheme so popular? And how can we mix and match it with other colors to give us the best results?

Using Magnolia colours by landlords

Landlords use these colours for a couple of reasons, such as:

  • Neutral colours are more inviting, attracting more people who want to rent or buy the place. Using magnolia as an alternative to bright white is softer for your eyes. 
  • There is no need to assign different colors to different rooms or apartments. Magnolia paint colours are basic colours and can be used almost everywhere. Most of the times, homeowners change the colors according to their taste. That eliminate the landlord need for using more vibrant colors.

How Magnolia colours can affect your mood

Since magnolia is a shade of white, it has almost the same effect. On the good side, magnolia can enhance hygiene, clarity, purity, cleanliness, simplicity, and efficiency. On the other hand, it can promote isolation, coldness, barriers, unfriendliness and elitism.

And because magnolia is a neutral color, it is associated with people with a more subtle personality. Unlike colors like yellow, which is associated with more fun personalities.

How can you elevate your magnolia colored house?

If you want to add some personality to your house, try to incorporate brighter colored pieces that go well together. Use art works, pictures or furniture, use them in a balanced way.

Also, you can always add colors to the walls. Use colors you like to change the proportions and brighten up your space.

Best colors to use with magnolia color scheme

Warm and yellow based colors such as yellow-based blues and greens, go well with magnolia colors.

How to use magnolia colours in your home

Mixing magnolia with other appropriate colors -as mentioned- makes your interior more harmonious and balanced. 

Try to stay away from black or blue-based colours. As they don’t go well with magnolia paint, you will end up with an unattractive looking space.

Colors similar to magnolia 

Since magnolia is a shade of white, similar colors are ivory, oyster white and pure white. These colors give you the same positive effect that magnolia has.

Why do people use magnolia paint colours in interiors?

 As we mentioned, landlords use it for a couple of reasons, but what about homeowners?

Maybe it’s an easy option that goes with everything. Or. maybe it’s the fear of making a color choice that homeowners may regret.

However, not many homeowners use this color palette. They use cream and buttermilk colors instead, which are almost the same.

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