It sometimes becomes complicated to set up a corner office area in your home especially when you do not have a dedicated room for it. This is because you can easily mess up the decor if your home office desk is not well integrated with the rest of the rooms.

You can have your home office set up in your bedroom, living room, near a staircase if there’s one, in your closet, etc. This, of course, depends on where you would feel confident having your office desk as well as on the layout and design of your interior.

Here are some ideas to help carve out enough space for your stylish small home corner office.

Change the Layout of your living room

Changing the furniture arrangement in your living room is a great way to create the space needed for a small corner office. Putting your desk in front of the window while making sure your sofa is placed against the longest wall in the room will open up space in the center making the room feel spacious instead of crowded.

Living room with home office

Convert a closet into a home office

This is a creative and inexpensive way of making the most of small spaces. Selecting a low profile office desk that is narrow with shelving above it will make space for books and maybe a printer or any other office essentials. Of course, having the office in the closet means that you’ll be able to shut the door when the work is done for the day.

Room Dividers

You can always resort to room dividers which you can easily find at any home furniture chain or at a home office furniture store. The dividers can be made of wood or they can be panels of intricate interwoven patterns, etc. These can be placed in your living room, bedroom, or any other room in your home to separate your work area from the rest of the room.

Hallway Offices

Have you ever thought of the unused space in your hallway as a great spot for your workspace? Well, now you do. Placing an L-shaped desk will definitely fit in perfectly and at the same optimize the area.

Minimize Furniture

Cluttered and cramped spaces are a result of having too much furniture, especially in small rooms. To carve out a space for your home corner office, you will need to get rid of excess furniture and leave behind only what you need.

Bright home office

Conceal Office with Sliding Doors

Create a workspace at one end of a room and then conceal it stylishly with a sliding door.

Opt for a Loft bed

This is a great idea to save up space for a small corner office. Bunk beds have spaces underneath them which can be used as a workspace. That space can accommodate a small desk and can serve as storage for some of your office essentials. Such spaces can be created for your kids as well. A homework station. Perfect, right.

Small office desk that you can put under your bunk bed

Create Corner Office from Underused Spaces

Your corner office does not have to be in self-contained areas. Any wasted space be it under stairs, kitchens, dining rooms, etc could serve as an ideal spot for a home office. To zone the different elements of those spaces and in order not to give them a makeshift feeling, you can use rugs, paintings, or flooring to achieve that goal.

Wall-mounted Corner Office Solutions

Floating desks and storage units mounted on walls can transform untapped walls with no purpose into a home office.

Desk with typewriter


These are underused spaces too because you sometimes can’t fit in a wardrobe, chest, etc and thus they are left with no purpose whatsoever. A small corner office desk can be squeezed in but if it doesn’t perfectly fit in, then use the wall as a support for your workspace and create an alcove office.



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