How to decorate your Bathroom?

How to decorate your Bathroom?

Your bathroom makes a major part of your rejuvenating schedule. It should be refreshing enough to fill you with the much-needed energy and freshness. The paired colours of the bathroom directly affect your mood. Decorate your bathroom and keep the vibe flowing.

Are you tired of going to the same bathroom each day? If your answer is yes, we have some inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas to renovate your bathroom. 

The changes may include changing the older lightning fixtures, replacing the normal bulbs with fluorescent ones or changing the bathroom colours and paint. 

Read on to know these quick and easy tips to redecorate your bathroom.


The perfect shade of your choice can light the walls of your bathroom. It is believed that the bathroom walls should be painted glossy to combat the moisture, but this is a myth. The professionals know what kind of additive should be added in the paint to maintain the matte look. 

Not just walls, paint the cabinets of the bathroom too. You can use an eggshell or semi-gloss paint for the cabinets.

Bathroom Art

Staring the unadorned walls of the bathroom is not a compulsion. You can use treated canvas prints as it is water-resistant and affordable. The oversized proportions leave the best visual impact. 

You can ask a local printer to blow up the favourite photo and convert it into customized art. This art can give a unique look to your bathroom. 

Don’t limit your imagination to canvas prints. You can also create your favourite starfish or basket designs to decorate the walls. 

Redecorate the existing tiles

If you are bored with the plain and dull looking tiles of your bathroom, then it is the right time to replace them. You can try easy to fix adhesive tiles which can be easily fixed on the wall. 

Cut and install these tiles into the required size. These tiles simply stick to the walls without causing any kind of damage. 

Upgrade your hardware

Changing your bathroom hardware includes drawer pulls, tower balls, and the toilet paper holder. Replacing the hardware is a simple task. It includes unscrewing and popping off the older hardware to install the newer ones. 

Take care of one thing while buying the new hardware. The hole size of the screws should be similar to the previous one. You will not need to make new holes and hide the older ones this way. 

From the ground up

You can find so many DIY flooring ideas in the market. Resilient vinyl floor planks are the most affordable and suitable option available in the home improvement stores. They provide beautiful texture and imperfection to the store. The best part is this kind of flooring is waterproof and termite resistant. It is backed with a long warranty of wear and tear.  

Increase your storage

Enhancing the storage of the bathroom is a major challenge that should be addressed. You can simply add pullout drawers or floating shelves to increase the storage space. It takes less than a weekend to finish this task.

You can buy the standard-sized drawers from any home improvement store. Wall-mounted baskets or a small cabinet can be the other ways to maximise the space. 

Upgrade your textile

Replacing the textiles is the final renovating stage of a bathroom. It is like wrapping up the gift with the gift paper. Throw away the worn out towels and buy the new matching ones. 

Add soft goods with modern accent, colours, and patterns. Replace the following textiles:

  • Floor mats
  • Towels
  • Shower curtain 

A bright and attractive combination of textiles can add a pop of colour to your bathroom.


Adding personality to your upgraded bathroom is quite interesting. These ideas are necessary to provide a finished look to the bathroom:

  • A wastebasket, bathroom dish or soap pumps.
  • A live plant that can survive on the available natural light. Prefer orchids as they love the humidity of the place.
  • Candles or room diffusers can add a nice floral scent.

These are the simple additions that will hardly make a hole in your pocket. These changes don’t even ask for much of your time. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Grab the opportunity and make something new out of your existing bathroom. 

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