How to choose the right rug for your living room?

How to choose the right rug for your living room?

There was a time when wall-to-wall carpets used to be a mandatory part of the living rooms. The trend is passé indeed. Area rugs have taken their place. The powerful designing tool acts as a complementary base for your décor. Speaking about rugs, they can change the entire looks of the room. Switch the background from traditional to modern, classic to contemporary or bland top bold. It is as easy as that. Here are some tips for choosing the right living room rug.

Tips for choosing Rugs

Make sure to consider these tips while purchasing rugs for your living room.


Size is the first and foremost thing that needs to be decided. People usually end up buying too-small rugs which looks like a postage stamp.

The standard size of the rugs includes 6×9 feet, 8×10 feet and 9×12 feet. However, you can get it customized according to your space.

It is important to remember that standard sizes are always available at a genuine price. On the other hand, it costs you more when you opt for custom made.

No matter what you decide, make sure that around 4-8 inches of bare space should be left around all sides of the rug.

exotic living room rug

Colour and Pattern

As already discussed, rugs act a decorative background of your living room. Moreover, it adds to the interest and curiosity factor of the space. Therefore; one needs to think hard before deciding on the colour and pattern.

The colourful and well-patterned rugs are a great way to add spark to your neutral furniture and walls. Similarly, neutral rugs can nullify the effect of electrifying furniture and bright walls. Its all about creating a balance.

Above all, opt for a patterned rug if you have pets or kids at home as they are bet at hiding spots and stains. Last but not least, choose something you don’t get bored of easily.

living room rug with a beautiful pattern


A rug is not only about what your eyes will see but also how your feet will feel. Woolen rugs can add softness and warmth to your room whereas rugs made from other natural materials like jute and sisal are a bit rough.

Silk is the softest element but it comes with a high price. Also, it is difficult to clean. Consider all these points while shopping.

Multiple rugs

Artists love to make their space more interesting by putting some creativity and innovation into the work. To define your space more clearly, you can layer rugs on the tops of each other.

This way; you can add more colour and pattern to your living room. The trick works best for seasonal decorating es[ecially for winters. It adds on to the warmth and coziness.

Similarly, you can edit it with lighter shades during summers.

colourful living room rug


Wrapping Up

Different colours, patterns, and materials are suitable for different areas. It depends upon personal choices as well. Above all, the kind of maintenance you can afford or prefer also plays a key role in making the final choice. make your decision wisely as rugs are durable and you will be using them for longer periods.

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