How to choose the perfect painting for your living room?

How to choose the perfect painting for your living room?

We spend most of our time at home in our living room. It is where we entertain our guests and talk our hearts out. This is why; the ambiance of the room should be welcoming, engaging, relaxing and full of warmth. So are you sure you have the right living room painting ?

Everyone chooses the best colours for the wall. But, these freshly painted colours can be further enhanced by choosing stunning paintings.

However, selecting the right painting is not less than an art. It should complement your style, theme and colour. Above all, it should add to the aesthetic beauty of your space.

The painting must be elegant and in accordance with the harmony of room. In addition to it, the art piece should illustrate your taste, character and story.

Tips to choose the right living room painting

Consider the following things while making a choice.

Style and Theme

It is a must that your painting should sync with the style and sura of the room. For instance, only ethnic theme-based paintings can suit a room designed in vintage or antique look.

You can choose surreal and abstract paintings if your living room is styled in contemporary design. Realistic paintings are best suitable for minimalist rooms.

Harmonise with the colours of the room

It is essential to choose a painting that harmonise with the colours of your room. First and foremost, make sure the walls of the living room are painted with bold and welcoming colours. and then, the painting should go well with these shades.

Paintings with dark and deep colours tend to be more inviting and attractive. The matching scheme will create an aesthetic appeal. Even if the walls of the living room are painted with neutral shades, painting with bright and vivid look will enlighten the room.

Painting are a must-have for a minimalist style.

how to choose the right living room painting


Paintings are framed to catch the undivided attention of the viewers. However, gallery wrapped paintings are not framed.

One thing that should be taken care of while deciding on the frame is its shade. The shade of the frame should be well-versed with the colours of the painting and your furniture.

Most of the times, a golden or wooden shade frame suits the best. The frames should be sleek and light for elegant and surreal paintings.

There is as such no rulebook to choosing on the frame. Hit and trial work best with it. Experiment with different styles and let your intuition guide you.

painting frame

Space optimisation

Size is equally important to make the right choice. For instance, what will you do with the painting if it happens to be over-sized for your wall?

Space optimisation means analysing the correct size of the art piece before even purchasing it. Measure the space right before making the decision.

Above all, there needs to be an order. You cannot fill the entire space by hanging a painting on each wall and cramming the same style. The narrow space of entryway can be filled with slender and vertical paintings. A single horizontal painting is ideal for stretched space.

Visual Balance

Visual balance is not only a desire but necessity as well. The imbalance can make anyone feel uncomfortable. The right scale and fit of the painting creates a kind of visual balance in your room.

In conclusion, the painting which has colours similar to your walls and repeated colours of your upholstery looks great. However, a single large painting on the wall of the room will encourage imbalance. It will be like a focal piece.

how to choose the right living room painting

Interior lightening

The interior lightening of your room should be arranged in such a way that it illuminates the painting. Highlight the spots where you want to hang or place the painting.

Similarly, there are a few other considerations that should be taken into account before deciding the right painting and space. Never ever highlight an oil painting as it will create some uninviting shadows. Also, make sure to use non-reflecting glass.

how to choose the right living room painting

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