How to choose kitchen paint color

Sometimes, repainting your kitchen could be the thing that you need to renovate your home. The paint color plays an important role in any room, it could change the room vibes entirely. That’s why it’s important to choose the kitchen paint color wisely, as it’s where you spend time cooking with love. You need your space to be welcoming and bright, and go well with your taste.

However, choosing the paint color that gives you the effect you want could be hard. You can find yourself puzzled between neutral shades, bold shades and the colors in between. It’s usually better to design your kitchen depending on your personality and the way you act in the kitchen. Go for bolder colors if you are an adventurous cook, but go for lighter neutral colors if you like a calm and relaxing environment.

Though, you have to consider your kitchen style, as if you have an open kitchen it’s important to choose a paint color that goes with the other rooms.

Here are some paint color ideas that could help you take your decision.

Kitchen paint color ideas

Colors of nature

If you like a more calming atmosphere, opt for using nature colors like blues, greens and sandy whites. Those colors go together well, and offer you that relaxing space you are looking for.

Go for white

Classical white or off-white to be specific, is always in style.It never gets old and gives a clean vibe even when your kitchen is messy. Warmer shades of white are less harsh to the eyes.

Good light source

Before painting, it’s better to experiment how the color reacts to your light source. Some colors may react differently to natural light sources than artificial color. You don’t want to paint your favorite color then end up with a different hue when Light is on.

You can make an experimental color foam board, and hang it in different locations in the room to know how the color will react to Light through the day.

Add a personal touch

Designing a space in your home is all about getting personal and feeling that this is the place for you. Go for what you feel that goes with your personality the most. Neutral colors are not an option for adventurous cooks, as it won’t be inspiring or energizing.

Consistent design

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to choose a paint color that goes with the other rooms, to have a balanced transition. Try using the cabinets color on the room trims, to create a cohesive look.

Go Dark

If you are an adventurous cook who likes experimenting, then choosing darker colors could provide you with the vibe you need. Some can cook black and others will stick to dark blues, it’s all about your preference and personality.

Using old cabinets

When using old cabinets, it’s important to renovate them to match your new kitchen. Cleaning and priming the cabinets before painting them, ensures that the new paint will stick properly.

Finish paint

Since the kitchen is a busy room, it’s better to go for a high gloss finish, as it’s durable and can endure stains, and dirt and it’s easier to clean. Matte finish is harder to clean and can get stained easily.

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