Hanging pictures on wallpaper, yay or nay?

There are many statements that argue on the suitability of hanging photos and different kinds of arts on wallpaper. However, using the right pieces in the right manner can create the perfect look that you are looking for. You just need to have a vision in mind of your perfect interior, and the courage to mix and match the colors.

Wallpaper is usually used as a durable option to cover the walls, to stand the everyday wear. But some of the items used to hang photos such as command strips, could ruin the wallpaper. That’s why you have to be extra cautious when hanging a picture on your wall paper, as it’s hard to fix what gets damaged.

Hanging pictures on wallpaper

When hanging pictures on wallpaper try to search for hanging items that won’t damage your wallpaper. You can find a couple of options in the hardware store.

The main goal is to minimize the damage that could happen. If you split and damaged a small area, try to make it as unnoticeable as possible.

Stay away from tape and other commercial adhesives, it won’t carry the weight of the picture frame properly, which may tear your wallpaper.

A nail may be your best option for hanging a picture on wallpaper. However, you have to make sure to plan where exactly you want to hang your picture before taking any actions.

Hiding a hole in the wallpaper is way harder than hiding one in a regular painted wall, so don’t put a hole you may regret.

For a safer option, you can opt for cutting a small V shape in the wallpaper and screw the nail in the wall underneath. The cut has to be small, and pulled down very carefully. This way you can avoid holes in the wallpaper itself, and you still have the option to stick that small cut back into place.

Be careful…

Not being careful while hanging a picture on the wallpaper, may result in way more damage than just a hole in the paper. After all, the hole could be small to be noticed in the first place. Still, some damages may occur.

The frame wire could scratch the wall paper on the long run, as it rubs against it causing marks on the wallpaper. This could happen if the wire is loose and have hard edges. Try to avoid so by wrapping the hanging wire with cloth or felt.

Be creative…

It is not just about pictures and paintings that you could hang on wallpapers. Other pieces of hanging decor can go so well with your theme.

Be creative in choosing decor pieces, choose them to reflect your personality and taste. You will find many great options in the market that go well with most wallpaper designs.

If you have lightly designed wallpaper, it will give you space to play with colors and objects. On the other hand, wallpaper is considered like a wall, framing your family photos, if you choose to hang them.

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