Hacks to make cooking easier in a smaller kitchen!

Hacks to make cooking easier in a small kitchen!

Surviving with a small kitchen can be a real blessing; you just need to look at it correctly. Cooking involves spreading a number of utensils and appliances while you craft the meal.

The task may seem daunting with the limited space but, once you get organised and habitual, it becomes the best thing to do. Lesser space to work means lesser space to clean as well.

The notorious small kitchens are an integral part of tiny homes and apartments. Careful designing and layout can help you expand the space both visually and practically.

Tips for remodelling 10×10 u-shaped kitchen designs

These few tips will help you plan carefully:

Start from the cooktop

Select a place for your cooktop and stand in front of the countertop. Think about the tools and ingredients you need the most and fix the first place for them. The gadgets you frequently use should be around and handy. Lesser used equipment can be placed at the farther locations.

Follow the same procedure with your dishwasher. Keep it around the sink because all the dirty crockery will be going inside it directly.

Create little spaces for yourself and make cooking in a small kitchen easy

Playing a little clever can help you tailor-made your spaces. You can keep your chopping board over your sink. If it is small for the given space, you can buy a new board of the required size or can paste the older one on plywood to make it fit.

Moreover, placing the chopping board over the sink creates extra space for placing bowls and glasses while you cook or on the arrival of guests.

Extend the cabinets up to the ceiling:

The vertical space can be easily utilised by extending the cabinets up to the height of the ceiling. This space can be certainly used to store tall pots, electric kettles and crockpots. However, make sure not to store small and breakable crockery items in the above space to prevent them from breaking.

Move the space takers

Your kitchen will also have some permanent fixtures like an oven, microwave, coffee maker or a toaster that must be blocking lots of space. It is wise to move that permanent fixture around if you do not use it in routine.

Hang it up

Usually, we do not even realize how much vertical space we are wasting. The walls and tiles of your kitchen can be used to hang pans, knives, spatulas, bowls or cups with attractive wall-mounted hooks. You can also use the space to hang lightweight fruits and vegetables which will be required in a day or so.

The inside of the cabinet doors

A wire mounted on a simple suction cup inside the cabinet door can be used to hang various spices and spoons. As a result, you will be able to eliminate clutter from your drawers.

Stuff the oven

No one uses the oven on a daily basis. You can use the large space to stuff kettles, griddles and cups. They can be easily kept at some other place when you bake once in a while.


What seems challenging initially can be the easiest thing to do. Modifying your cooking and storage habits can transform your small kitchen into an efficient workplace.

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