Go “Smart” with Amazon Smart Home Services

Going “Smart” is the new trend that is expected to stay. It’s becoming more and more important to transform your home into a smart one, by installing smart home devices that will help you in your daily life.

In recent years, we were amazed by the fast pace of technological development. And it became clear that we need to adapt these technologies to keep up with development and make our lives easier.

However, since those technologies are new, you will need someone who is an expert in installing and testing those devices to check their functionality.

That’s why Amazon handpicked the tech experts on its “Amazon Smart Home Services” list, to ensure that you get the best service from experienced professionals.

Those professionals can help you smoothly turn your home into a smart one according to your personal needs. 

Amazon Smart Home Services

The service list for Amazon Smart Home includes:

  • Smart Security Camera Installation

Smart cameras allow you to access live video for your home on your phone. You can also set the camera to alarm you when there is any weird or unknown activity in your home. Smart cameras are an important aspect of todays’ life, making choosing the right technician to set it up is extra important.

Amazon will help you find a good service provider who will recommend the best place to install your camera according to your WiFi and give you advice on how to extend network support in case you want your camera in a different place. 

This service is only for installing battery operated and plugged in cameras only.

As we already mentioned, smart devices are an important aspect of our daily life, they make it easier and safer.

In case you order this service, the technician will replace the old doorbell with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. The new doorbell can be installed on any surface except metal, marble and glass surfaces. After installing the doorbell, the pro will configure the doorbell with the associated apps (Ring app and Neighborhood app).

A strong WiFi signal is recommended for the best results.

  • Sound Bar Installation

The job tasks include mounting and connecting your soundbar to up to 3 devices and concealing the wires. After the installation, the pro will test the system and sound quality and tell you how to use and maintain your system properly.

  • Installing a Thermostat 

Hiring a professional to replace or install and program your thermostat is essential not to mix up wires which may result in blowing a fuse, and to get the job done easy and fast.

  • Wireless Home Network Setup

This service includes installing and connecting your WiFi or Mesh router to 4 devices and entering a password for protection.

The service provider has to give you information on how to fix troubleshooting problems.

  • Replacing WiFi Irrigation Controller 

First, the service provider will Test the existing sprinkler system and its zone functionality then detach the old controllers.

Next, he will mount the new WiFi controller you provide and connect it to your mobile app through WiFi and show you how to use it.

Note that you have to repair any problems in the old sprinkler system before the pro comes in.

Read more about Smart home 

  • Smart Remote Setup

A professional service provider will set up your remote and connect it to 5 devices fast, then show you how to use it.

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