Gardening made easier with the best shovels of the industry

Gardening made easier with the best shovels of the industry


Your garden is definitely your most prized possession. Most of the gardens are the same but it is the little details that make them specifically unique.

Everyone has this quirky experience of growing seeds, watering and transplanting them and making them ready. Most of all, it is the technique and tools that make the difference.

Out of all the tools, shovels are the most important ones. Once you get the shovel of your choice, you would not want to replace it for years.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of shovels to match your choosing criteria. Compare the pros and cons carefully and pick the one you like.

Our pick for the Best Shovels

Spear and Jackson MICROROUND Round Mouth Fiber Glass Shaft with Micro Shovel, Blue

The treaded round mouth shovel is 27.5 inches long indeed. Its length enables you to use it both at below or above the ground levels.

The genuine spear and Jackson product is made from Carbon steel. It is actually a high strength carbon combined with manganese steel to increase its strength and durability.

The surface of the shovel is coated with Epoxy for reducing soil adhesion. Also, it prevents the tool from rusting.

The shaft of the shovel is made from strong fiberglass to add to its strength. Moreover, the handle of the tool is topped with an ergonomic handle for a softer and comfortable grip.

Above all, the brand guarantees any defects under manufacturing and reasonable care.

Draper 31391 Hardwood Shafted Square Mouth Builders Shovel

Draper is known to build high-standard tools. The quality of these tools is strictly controlled by the experienced engineers of the company. As a matter of fact, the products are decked with multi-purpose features to improve the overall performance. Moreover, every product is backed with an appropriate guaranty.

The hardwood shaft has a sturdy built and it is probably the most lightweight shaft. The hardwood shaft has a Y-Dee handle. It has a protective coating which prevents it from rusting indeed.

Roughneck ROU68006 Micro Shovel Square Point

Roughneck Micro Shovel is specifically designed for confined areas. The heavy-duty pressed steel blades are treated with heat and heat. It hardens them and ensures fast and efficient work.

The handle is made from strong fiberglass and a comfortable grip to make working with it easier. The unique tumbling finish makes it look beautiful.

Roughneck shovel is made from stainless. It is so lightweight that it can be easily fit in the car boot or van. Moreover, being lightweight it can be carried easily.

Root Assassin Shovel

The shovel is built in such a way that it reduces your digging time to almost half. It’s a curved tip and bone structure makes it an ideal tool. It not only cuts the roots but weeds as well.

It is known as the root assassin for a reason. The serrated double-sided cutter can also scoop out soil for you. Its pointed tip allows you to use it deep under the tree or bush. Moreover, the rubber-coated Y-shape handle makes it easy to hold and operate it.

You can completely trust this tool for the regular digging job because if it’s solid construction. Slay the roots and branches with the lifetime guaranty from the manufacturing company.










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