Five go-to sites when comparing your next modest home appliances

We don’t buy home appliances everyday but when we do we want to get the best price and the highest value our money can buy.

We asked few modest home lover what they do when deciding on their next home appliance piece and these are the steps most take:

Steps to follow when buying new home appliance

  1. Find the product that you like.
  2. Research for reviews from few different sources.
  3. make sure its compatible to your home in size and other specs.
  4. find the best seller selling the exact product for the best price.
  5. make sure the seller sells the product with warranty and new.

Comparison sites that bring it all in one place

When we look at these steps we found that few good comparison sites put the customer first and do all the hard work to bring all these steps in one place to save you hours of research and collect the information in one place.

Some of these site even go one step further to give you a price history chart so you know when is the best time to buy or how cheap it could get if you wait to discount seasons.

Below are the best five home appliance focused comparison sites in the UK.

Our list of five go-to sites for home appliances comparison:

Our favourite is since its not just comparing the prices but also helping you by measuring how much energy you can expect the product to consume over the years.

Kagoo might come across not very user friendly but has value to offer its visitors.

they claim the have over 75 thousand products and over 680 thousand reviews all in one place for you to search through.

This one will just come up so much on google when searching for any popular product.

As the name suggests in focuses more on the price comparison and the price history but you cant expect musch when it comes to the product info or reviews.

Do your research and come back to use this one just to find the best price our there.

The most user friendly and well designed amongst our five favourites.

This is what all sites should look like in 2020 but PriceRunner UK comes first when it comes to the neatness and the user experience.

Unlike the rest price runner is not focussed on home appliances but the section is very rich and well taken care of.

Kelko is pretty amazing when it comes to suggesting sites that sell much cheaper from everyone else.

They will direct you to the seller site many times which will make a big difference in price and delivery time.

The only annoying thing about it is the auto direct without a product page most of the time, I still managed to be one of the best price in our search as it has a massive database and good value to add.

fozdoo is another great comparison engine that claims it uses Ai to suggest the right products for you and decide on the best price and seller.

We found the product page to be very rich in content including written reviews and video reviews from youtube.

This one will suggest the best price and still give you other options when available.

Which one to use

After all google does it all for you, all these comparison sites compete for you attention by adding value and google is the judge.

If you search the product name on google and kagoo did a great job in that product you will get kagoo as your first result so know these sites well but use google as your first go to research tool.

Enjoy best price and a modest home.

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