Essential Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Own!

Essential Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Own!

Gardening is a set of tasks. It includes digging, sowing, planting, weeding, harvesting, pruning, maintenance, and woodcutting. All these tasks ask for proper knowledge and skills Above all, you need to have the right kind of tools to bring life to your garden. Tools not only help you to finish your work quickly but they let you do your work perfectly as well. Read on to know the 10 most essential garden tools.

List of tools

We have compiled a list of tools that every gardener that is used on recurring basis.


A strong yet lightweight wheelbarrow is essential to transport stuff in your garden. You can use it to carry water containers, soil, manure, new plants, and whatnot.

Wheelbarrows are designed in such a way that they can carry heavy weights and water without even spilling it.

You can buy galvanised as well as plastic lorry.

garden tools guide wheelbarrow


The tool works best while making holes for planting seeds, bulbs, and seedlings. There are oak timber dibbers and then one made from stainless steel.

Most of the dibbers have rings on them to indicate depth. There is no place for guesswork in gardening indeed.

Digging Spade

You always need a decent spade to dig the land. Spades made from stainless steel tends to be the best because they don’t rust. Moreover, the soil sticks with the regular spades while in action.

Tools made from stainless steel remain smooth throughout. It makes digging quite easier.

Garden Trowel

As we know, there is no substitute for gardening hand tools. There are garden trowels and hand forks that help you dig the roots of your plants deep.

The comfortable hands are equally important as well-fitted blades.

Fork Hoe

The cornerstone of gardening tools, fork hoe needs no introduction. The digging blades are fitted into the handle at a right angle in the traditional style. Leverage the benefits of this tool by making digging easier.

Garden Knife

A small knife proves to be of great utility in a small garden. It is not only used for cutting strings, sticks, and flowers but for trimming plants and vegetable plants as well.

Make sure to keep one in your pocket or garden trug.

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Garden Secateurs

Pruning is an essential part of maintaining your garden. This invaluable tool ensures the aesthetic beauty of your garden.

Heavy Duty Hoe

Nothing can perform better than a heavy-duty hoe in breaking the ground. It works better than a spade and shovel without a doubt.

Its blade is set at a right angle just to minimise your efforts.

Golden Gark

Last but not least, it is a multipurpose garden maintenance tool. It has a rake, shovel and soil sift all in one. In brief, it proves to be the best tool when it comes to clearing the fallen autumn leaves and much more.

Oscillating Hoe

A handled garden hoe with a swivel head enables you to fulfill many functions. It is known as an oscillating hoe.

For instance, it enables you to hoe and the entire raised bed.





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