English Cottage Style for Your Home

Tartan patterns, bright colors, beautiful materials, and vintage floral wallpapers… All these features have been reflecting the pure British chic and charm and have been teaching us through the years how to improve our taste for decoration and interior design!

Between a touch of elegance and a hint of madness, British style is described often as pop, tangy, and a bit special, while remaining very chic and glamorous. The English style is above all, an alliance of delicate materials such as velvet, wood, etc…, and particular patterns like Liberty style, vintage, floral, and tartan.

Among the great classics of the British style, we must cite the upholstered chairs and sofas, the wingback armchairs, white paint for walls and ceilings, and cottage style furniture inspired by the beautiful old farmhouses.

Beautiful materials for an English cottage style decor

For an English-style living room, all you have to do is to bet on one single piece of furniture: The sofa.

Chesterfield sofas are famous for being inseparable from the British style, as well as velvet sofas which, with their cozy and sophisticated look, are excellent for a tea break or sewing and stitching time. So British isn’t it!

Remember that, by combining the softness and nobility of velvet with classic decoration, you get the perfect English-style inspired living room.

A white kitchen for a cottage warmth

British style in interior design would not be complete without mentioning the cottage style. Inspired by traditional country houses, this approach is lively, radiant, and very romantic. You can as well bet on white furniture! It has a light rustic soul and will surely make the atmosphere more friendly.

Concerning the walls, you may opt for a floral wallpaper, which recalls the bouquets scattered here and there inside the house and in the garden. Floral patterns and pastel colors are the best allies of cottage style.

An ultra-comfy and cozy British living room

British people love the luxurious appearance in living rooms, and you can clearly see that in the colonial-style furniture and decorative accessories where you will find heavy furniture, dark woodwork, impressive chandeliers, and fancy materials.

The shelves and buffet are overloaded with decorative trinkets and porcelain dinnerware, and the furniture is all about two or three masterpieces: An magnificent Chesterfield sofa, an armchair, and a glass coffee table.

A colorful bathroom for an original and distinctive English style

English cottage style gives a sensual elegance to every nook and cranny of the house.

The ultra-comfortable bathrooms here don’t make an exception. Taking a bath in a freestanding bathtub will give a different sensation not only of sophistication but also of peace of mind.

The alliances between noble materials, like wooden furniture, and copper or gold taps, give a romantic chic charm to the bathroom.

A romantic English-style bedroom

As in the other rooms of the house, the English style in the bedroom is well-known for its combination of cozy and fancy materials. The pride in English-style bedrooms is represented by both velvet and tartan in bedding sets and cushions.

Another important detail must be mentioned: The color. Whether for walls, doors, windows, bedding sets, furniture, etc., color has an exceptional impact on the space of the room and the mood of persons since each color has its special significance and virtue.

Unlike the Scandinavian style or Zen style, the English style does not have that neutral appearance. In English-style bedrooms, you can see different decorative trinkets and accessories of various sizes. Besides, vintage table lamps and hanging lamps will guarantee the warm and cozy atmosphere of the British countryside in your house.

Original patterns on wallpaper and textiles in every corner of the house

British style invokes elegance and extravagance simultaneously thanks to the different patterns, materials, and textures. In fact, tartan is the most convincing example. It can be on the walls of your office and you will see the amazing mixture of prestige, creativity, and lushness.

You can go a step further and bet on some colorful 60s accessories.

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