Drapes that will inspire you to stay inside the bedroom!

Drapes that will inspire you to stay inside the bedroom!

Windows and the right window treatments can make or break or the looks of your room. Yet, their importance is often overlooked.

As a matter of fact, drapes are the most functional and decorative piece of item. They strike a perfect balance between the natural light and your space indeed.

Whether you prefer modern coverings or long-flowy shutters, it is the view and utility that matters.

For better results, try this variety in your bedroom and observe the change.

Deconovo Home Decoration Diamond Foil Printed Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

The printed blackout curtains can enhance the beauty of decor multiple times. They enable you to control how much natural light you want in your room. Moreover, they help you in controlling the noise and save energy. You manage everything specifically without sacrificing on the looks.

Material and construction: Deconovo curtains are made from 100% polyester. There are 8 anti-rust eyelets in each curtain to hang the curtains along the rails. It is the triple-weave technology indeed that blocks sunlight and UV rays. You can darken the room whenever you want.

The temperature control feature of the curtains keeps your home cold in summers by blocking the sun. On the contrary, you can keep it warm in winters by allowing sunlight.

Patterns and Appearance: There are more than 6 patterns available which can be used as per the festive mood (for example thanksgiving and Christmas). Most of all, every pattern and thread is stitched with great care ensuring that there is no uneven hemp.

Maintenance: The curtains can be easily washed in the washing machine. Just make sure the temperature is maintained below 30 degrees Celsius. In addition to it, do not bleach and use a warm iron to define the crease.

Fusion- Chevron – 100% Cotton Ready-Made of Eyelet curtains

Add contemporary looks to your room with these simple, printed and zig-zag pattern curtains. These are available in 3 different colours and prints. Of course, you can choose the shade of your choice with this Chevron range.

Material and construction: These curtains are made from 100% cotton and there are ready-made eyelets to hang them on. The affordable bright collection will suit any pocket indeed.

Patterns and appearance: The drapes are available in three different shades and numerous other patterns. There are beautiful, simplified colour combinations like mustard-yellow, grey and white with beautiful patterns. The curtains are like a treat to your eyes.

Maintenance: Do not wash them in the washing machine. Dry clean indeed. Iron on low.

Catherine Lansfield Glitzy Eyelet Curtain

These glitzy curtains add style, glamour, and sparkle to your room. The Catherine Lansfield drapes are renowned for their style and quality. The embellished sequins simply add to their beauty.

Material and construction: The contemporary British design drapes are made from soft, silky fabric. The coordinated cushions are the most beautiful assortments.

Patterns and appearance: Endorse royal looks of your room with these glitzy, glam appearing curtains.

Maintenance: These curtains should be dry cleaned only.




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