Don’t throw that leftover wallpaper

We’ve all gone through that situation, where we are stuck with leftover wallpaper after redesigning the house. It’s a waste of money to throw it away, but you can’t figure out what to do with it.

Or, you got caught in a wallpaper design you saw while on your way home, and wanted to incorporate it in your home.

Either way, you will find here some ideas to help you to use and incorporate those wallpaper pieces in your home.

Ideas for using leftover wallpaper

Create a headboard

If you are a handyman and like doing projects at your home, this one’s for you. It can take some time, but the results are worth the wait.

You will need some extra materials like a piece of MDF 12 mm-thick. Choose the width that goes with your bed, which will be your beds’ width plus 14 cm. A headboard for a queen bed will be 80 cm x 167 cm. Adjust according to what you have.

First, you need to make sure that your leftover wallpaper is enough, then cut a piece to cover the MDF. when cutting the wallpaper make sure to have extra 10 cm at top and bottom, and that the pattern matches all the way.

Second, apply a layer of clear craft glue on the back of the wall paper then stick it to the MDF. You will wrap the extra centimeters over the top and bottom and the sides of the MDF, and let dry overnight or as needed.

For a modern touch, you can cut two 3cm x80 cm MDF strips and paint them as you like, and use them as a trim for your headboard. Glue them to the front sides to create the trim, and to hide the paper edges, if there is any. This simple touch gives a modern look, and frames the sideboard to catch the eye.

Dry the sideboard well before attaching it to your bed, use heavy-duty mirror-hanging hooks to hang it to the wall.

Revamp or elevate a wall mirror

If you want a simpler idea to use your wallpaper, opt for reviving an old piece of decor like an old mirror.

Start by removing the mirror frame, use the old frame as your base. Apply a clear craft clue on the back of your wallpaper and wrap the mirror frame with it. Cut small slits at the corner, so the wallpaper will fold nicely at the corners. Try to match the pattern at the frame corners.

After sticking the wallpaper, let the mirror dry before sealing everything with clear varnish ant letting dry again.

Last step is to put the mirror back into place, and enjoy your new decorative item.

Use wallpaper as a picture

If you really love the pattern, why don’t you frame it?

You can create a simple yet awesome wall photo by using wallpaper as your base. Decide the dimension of the photo you need, and build a simple wooden frame to put the wallpaper inside. Or you can bring an old frame back to life, by using wallpaper as a picture.  

Change your tray

Another good way to use wallpaper is revamping an old try by changing the inner coating, and replacing it with wallpaper. It’s very easy. Just cut a piece of wallpaper to fit the tray base, glue the back of it with clear craft glue and stick it on the try base. finally, seal the new lining with a coat of  clear varnish and let dry before using.

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