Discover the trending colors for 2021

Looking for something new for your home in 2021? Think about “Colors”!! Colors can change your perception, affect your senses and help you identify your emotions more easily. They have the power to improve your memory and your attention, and also the ability to convince you to make some decisions. Knowing the meaning of colors will guide you to better understand your feelings.

Repainting a single wall, changing the color of the entire room or just buying a colored piece of furniture are all good ideas to renew your interior design.

In 2021, all the trendy colors in the world of interior design have the particularity of being very authentic and “full of character”! Dark green and brown are extremely popular, while beige and gray have literally buried the reign of white. Another new trend has appeared “Earthy colors”, they are the real stars of the year 2021.

All these colors combine enthusiasm and optimism to make your home full of life and positive energy. Now, it’s up to you to choose your favorite color!

Beige to brighten your spaces

Large comfortable beige sofa in a living room
Large comfortable beige sofa in a living room

In 2021, beige confirms its status as a star color in interior design. This soft and natural shade has clearly stolen the show from off-white. More original and special than white, beige gives a warmer sensation that will suit any room in your house.

A beige piece of furniture, sofa, wall paint, decorative accessories, carpet, or bedding sets for your bedroom or living room will give your cozy nest a fabulous touch of elegance.

A natural green for a zest of energy

Grunge home interior with green sofa and closed door - 3d rendering
Grunge home interior with green sofa and closed door – 3d rendering

In the kingdom of natural shades, green is the king on the throne. As a wall color, household linen, or a beautiful sofa, green have succeeded to ensure its authentic and mysterious character.

Green is appreciated in places where charisma is needed, simply because it can express strength and elegance at the same time.

Dark green makes a great combination with contemporary design style, it simply gives the place another personality. Accompanied by natural materials such as wood, ceramic, rattan, this color of nature will do wonders.

But beware, in 2021 you are not going to adopt just any green! Say goodbye to pastel green and trust the frank, mesmerizing and energetic beauty of dark green.

A chic brown to achieve authenticity

Shabby chic decorating with beautiful vintage birdcage and flowers
Shabby chic decorating with beautiful vintage birdcage and flowers

Considered as a natural color with soothing virtues, brown is particularly popular in 2021. “Terre d’Argile” (that’s its name) gives a whole new perspective in the universe of earthy colors. Terracotta and beige are the superstars of this warm and pure color. Believe us these colors can distinguish any corner in your house.

Slightly glossy brown is also known as a very unique shade. Its dual character, both stimulating and balanced, makes it perfect for creating a feeling of tranquility and comfort.

Light gray to guarantee an elegant and cozy atmosphere

Could 2021 be the year that will likely end the reign of white? Well, several clues suggest that white has found two serious competitors: Beige… and gray!

Suitable for every corner and room of the house, light gray can easily create a cozy mood. Gray makes a perfect match with neutral colors and therefore it is very practical for a living room, on a sofa, or as a wall color.

Gray is discrete and warm at the same time and it is also appreciated by its ability to be combined with multiple stronger shades such as yellow, orange, and blue. When you hesitate about adding an audacious color into a room, just associate it with a neutral gray and its impact will be softened immediately.

Saffron yellow for more uniqueness

All the emblematic colors of the year 2021 have the gift of being very complimentary. Yellow saffron is also present in our magical collection. This color is so frank and sunny, it simply spreads joy, happiness, and energy from the ground up to the ceiling.

Particularly appreciated on walls to enlarge the space or to get more natural light in dark rooms, this saffron yellow marks the end of soft colors.

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