Difference between interior designs styles

Most of us get stuck half way when redesigning our homes, trying to figure out what design is the best. We are faced with so many styles that we are not familiar with, making it harder to choose the right colors and furniture pieces. What makes it even harder is that some of the styles are similar in many aspects but different in some very small details.

If you want to redesign your home and follow the design style you choose completely, read long to know the main pinpoints for each design.

Interior designs styles

Modern style

  • Simple and sleek designs with simple furniture and simple decorative accessories
  • Expresses the designs that appeared in the 20th century
  • Famous for its clean lines and simple color palette
  • Uses materials such as metal, glass and steel

Contemporary style

  • The main difference between this style and modern is that it’s more flexible and doesn’t follow a particular style.
  • Can include curved lines and patterns

Minimalist style

  • A more simple approach to modern design
  • Functional and depends on clean lines
  • Uses neutral colors and simple, streamlined furniture
  • Simple or no decorative pieces

Industrial style

  • Inspired from urban lofts and warehouses
  • It takes the elements to its raw form, and uses things like exposed brick, duct work and wood
  • Neutral colors inspired from wood and metal
  • High ceilings, old timber and dangling metal light fixtures are common, and is paired with few pieces of functional furniture
  • Limited pieces of abstract art and photos are used to put some color

Mid-century modern style

  • Inspired from mid 1900 s designs, with its retro designs and some minimalistic elements
  • Functional designs with simple and natural shapes paired with simple fabrics
  • Can be used as a good transition area from inside to outside

Scandinavian style

  • Represents the simple life in Nordic countries
  • Furniture are designed to look like pieces of art but in a simple and functional manner
  • Mainly relies on white color palettes and natural elements like enameled aluminum, steel and wide plank flooring
  • Color can be incorporated through art, some natural elements or a single piece of furniture
  • Airy and allows natural light spread
  • The accessories are used in a limited way

Traditional style

  • Famous for its classic details, luxurious furniture and rich accessories
  • Adopt layering and dimensional design concepts
  • Relies on dark and rich color palettes
  • Uses wooden elements, different textures and curved lines
  • For those who like fancy ornate details and fabrics with different patterns and texture

Transitional style

  • Mixes traditional and modern designs
  • Balanced designs with a cozy yet stylish vibe
  • A popular design idea is to incorporate steel and glass, which are usually used in modern style, with plush traditional furnishings.
  • Relies on neutral color palettes

Rustic style

  • Inspired from nature and uses raw elements such as wood and stones as main elements.
  • Outdoor accessories and modern furnishings goes well with this design
  • Some of the architectural details you can find are vaulted ceilings adorned with wood beams or reclaimed wood floors

Coastal style

  • Inspired from the beach and ocean
  • on neutral, airy color palettes and the use of blue and green shades
  • The use of white or beige furniture is the most common with wooden elements and sea-inspired accessories
  • Large windows, white plush sofas and striped pillows are common in this style
  • Comfortable and cozy

French country style

  • Inspired from farmhouses
  • Uses warm and earthy colors like warm red, red and gold shades along with old embellished wooden furnisher
  • Uses natural materials like bricks

Hollywood glam style

  • An opulent, luxurious style
  • Relies on bold color palettes like purple, red and turquoise
  • Uses some Victorian elements such as velvet furnishings, tufting and antiques

Shabby chic style

  • Inspired from vintage style but softer and more feminine than other styles
  • Relies on neutral color palettes like white, cream and pastels with a antique-style finishes

Bohemian style

  • A free style depends mainly on your liking
  • Can include a mix of elements that you can find everywhere
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