How to transform your bedroom into the coziest place on the earth?

How to transform your bedroom into the coziest place on the earth?

Like any of us, your bed and the bedroom must be your favourite place. No other place in the world can be as much comfortable as your personal cocoon. The perfect mattress, softest sheets and the right kind of pillows make you feel smothered indeed. All of us want to have a cozy bedroom.

A little extra warmth and softness can literally transform your living space. By the way, it is not easy to strike a perfect balance between cute and comfortable but, these ideas can help you out.

Tips to make your bedroom cozier

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Add traces of Wood

Incorporating wood on the walls of your room is the best way of adding a sense of warmth to your room. Furthermore, it can be tiny or over-sized, simple or elaborative; any-size can create coziness.

Lightning can chance the overall Ambiance

Your bedroom definitely needs light but, you cannot choose just any kind of light. A harsh ceiling downlight sucks. Low lights act as the key to incorporate an intimate mood. Not only a bedside lamp but also, a strategically mounted ceiling can also dramatise the environment.

In addition to that, you can also lit candles in your room or equip it with a roaring firelight to create a touch of cozy bedroom feel.

Calming colours and natural materials

Opt for soothing tones instead of bright colours to create a calmer environment. The rich and sensuous textures induce a soft element in the space. Quilted pillows and cozy knits should carry neutral tones in particular. Layering rugs and other elements throughout the space will give you a welcoming feel.

Get beautiful and cozy rugs

The concept is, when one steps out of the bed, the first touch should not be of a cold floor. Soft area rugs not only provide softness and warmth but also, an oomph texture. Rugs are certainly not the only choice.

The neat and clean wooden look can also be a great choice. Apart from that, you can also choose multilayering. The sheepskin or shag layers are ideal to serve the purpose.

Window Covers

Bare windows are a big no-no. It typically snatches away the snug and comfort of your room. Skimping on window treatments affects the coziness of your room. If you don’t like heavy fabrics, you can use blinds or transparent curtains instead.

Avoid strong patterns of chicken if you have large windows. The key is, curtains should never disturb the balance of your room.

Shut Out Tech

The presence of technology never lets you unplug. Make it a rule not to let any tech or gadget enter your room.

Bedrooms are meant to rest and relax. Instead of phone and TV, fill your space with plants and books. Your absence will not affect the world in any way.


A perfect bedroom is all about cool curtains, plenty of books, flowers and lots of light.


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