Choosing professionals for Amazon home services

Recently, Amazon introduced its “Amazon Home services” in a couple of areas. However, not all the services offered by amazon are available in all areas, as you can find only some services nearby according to your location. Just click on the service you are interested in to see if it’s available nearby.

Amazon is adding more places and professionals almost daily, to cover as many places as possible.

Amazon home services pros requirements


The process is hard for Amazon, as the company is looking for professionals with a strong record for service quality. 

They use different tools to achieve that, they go through extensive media search, followed by online interviews and reference checks to ensure that every pro who goes into its database is reliable.

The company doesn’t stop here, but it also asks for a comprehensive business and criminal background check.

For business check, every professional has to submit a list with liens, Judgments, bankruptcy status and National governmental restricted or prohibited dealings.

Before being entered to the Amazon home services program, every professional have to pass the criminal check for social security number trace, county and federal court searches, national criminal search, sex offender registry search and OFAC (office of Foreign Asset Control’s) check.

Any professional who wants to apply has to keep in mind that he must have a “General Liability insurance” with a $1,000,000 USD limit per occurrence. In addition to providing their insurance information upon registration.

Some professions like electricians, plumbers, general Contractors are also required to provide their license information.

What about professionals, what do they get after all these checks?

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Professionals here and there are trying to get into the program for a good reason.

The program allows them to be discovered and shown to customers more easily on a broader scale, as their services are shown on Amazon website to potential customers who are searching for related products.

Amazon sends jobs for chosen pros in case of customers ordering a  pre-packaged service. The professional then has to complete the job properly to get paid and to get a good rating that allows them to get more jobs.

More customers for those professionals means more profit and better rating, in case they are doing the job well. Professionals get paid through Amazon, and it’s not allowed to be paid directly

It’s not a one way road after all.

Customers can file a claim if the professional assigned to do the job failed to meet expectations for a certain job.

Amazon is taking safety measures seriously, to ensure its customers safety. With all the information and checks required, the company is offering peace of mind for many customers. 

You don’t have to background check professionals entering your house, that job is done for you with a high level of professionality.

In addition, you have the right to complain if you are not unsatisfied with the job done or the service provider doesn’t show in time.

These reasons and more make the service gain reliability fast, which will be a good thing when the service spreads in more and more countries.

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