Brighten up the Hallway with Magnolia colours

We’ ve already taken a step into transforming our home, we used magnolia paint colours to give it a bright, relaxing look. Now, we are arranging our house and putting everything back into place.

Beauty of Magnolia paint colours 

Although the hallway may be the smallest area in the house, and can be crowded easily, the transformation affected the house significantly. 

We made sure to hide that beige color, that almost made the space dull and boring.

The house is built on the Edwardian workers’ terrace style, where the hall width is similar to the width of the front  door. There is not much space to store anything, especially with the radiator and electricity meter in the way. However, we managed to transform the hall into a welcoming area. 

With the light bouncing on the white wall on one side, and a light blue color painted on the main wall going up to the ceiling. The color matches the color used on the front door, but I had it customized by Valspar desk in B&Q to be a bit darker.

Mixing magnolia colours

Make sure to test the color mix before buying the full pots. If the salesman is nice, he will let you test the colors to ensure it’s similar to what we want.

Our decorator was in doubt that the colors wouldn’t match, but he was surprised that they made a perfect match.

At the beginning, the magnolia colours felt too dark for my taste. However, as it settled in and dried, it started to grow on me. It took me a couple of days to realize the beauty of the color. As a result of using different shades of the same color on the front door and inside, the house looks great.

Using woodwork

The decorator suggested some woodwork, to elevate the overall look of the hall. He used white paint to freshen things up, and banish the yellowed, chipped paint.

We used the box shelf and mirror we own from our first home, we didn’t need much for the small hallway. I opted for a simple lace lampshade. I found it at a trade show, and used it to replace the old bashed paper globe that we had.

Unfortunately, no change in the plate & cord yet. Maybe I matching them with the door using a yellow flex, would be a good idea.

A busy life

We all know what it means to have children in the house. It’s almost inevitable to avoid their miss on the walls and floors. To clean up the grimy hand prints we used Valspar Premium Walls & Ceilings, which endure strong scrubbing, protecting the paint for longer, giving me my money worth. 

Still haven’t made my mind about the color to use on the scuffed orange floorboards, I could use some ideas. 

Brightening up the house with magnolia paint colors was a great move. It transformed it to a more lively and cozy home.


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