Best tips and tricks to Steam Cleaning Carpets

Have you tried cleaning carpets with steam before? Have you faced a stain that was resistant to conventional cleaning methods, and wondered what to do?

Carpets are usually expensive, so we look for the most safe and effective way to clean them. 

Nowadays, you can find many stain-resistant carpets, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get dirty somehow. Dirt, oils and bacteria accumulate on the carpets’ fibers after a while, which can affect the carpet in many ways. Discoloration is one thing, but bad smell and obvious stains is a whole other thing.

In the hunt to find ways to clean and maintain our carpets in a good shape, we came across some useful tips and hints that will change the game when steaming carpets. Let’s dive in.

Tips for Steam Cleaning Carpets

Before you steam clean your carpet, there are a few things you have to put in consideration:

  • Check if your carpet has a hidden area. To know what the product you will be using, and if it you can use strong cleaning products. Sometimes using strong homemade steam-cleaning products can affect the carpet color or burn its fibers.
  • Ask for recommendations. You can ask your steam cleaner manufacturer about the best product you can use, not to lose your cleaner’s warranty. They can recommend a non-chemical cleaning solution if you want one.
  • Prepare yourself. Cleaning carpets isn’t easy, you have to move a lot and bend over to clean it. Not to mention, changing the cleaning water on and on. So, you have to rest well and stretch before and after cleaning. Not to end up laying in bed for a couple of days, just for cleaning one carpet.

Useful tricks

To ensure maximum cleaning, make sure to follow those simple tricks.

  • Clean floor and carpet first. Before starting to steam make sure to get rid of the dirt hiding inside your carpet. Start by vacuuming the floor and the carpet carefully, to vacuum as much dust as you can. This way you can shorten the steaming process, as you will decrease the amount of dirt pushed through the carpet by the steam cleaner.
  • Avoid permanent stains. Use club soda or vinegar and water mixture on the stains as they happen, to avoid colored stains.

  • Baking soda for odors and stains. To get rid of bad smells, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one cup of water, and pour the mix on the smelly parts before steaming.
  • Use what you have. If you just want to freshen up your carpet, you can just use water, and the steam will do the job.
  • Avoid cleaning on humid summer or cold winter days. Try to steam your carpet on a warm dry day, to be able to dry the carpet and avoid an overly steamy home.

Maintaining Your Carpets Clean

To maintain your carpet for a longer period of time, here are some tricks to do so.

  • Keep your carpets clean for longer, to lessen steaming. You can do so by putting doormats at the entryway. You can ask your friends and family politely to wipe their feet, you will find that most of them are glad to do so.
  • Clean hard stains as they happen, to avoid permanent ones.
  • Vacuum your carpet and floor regularly. 
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