Best Kindle Buy: 3 Most Emotionally Gripping Kindle Suggestions

Best Kindle Buy: 3 Most Emotionally Gripping Kindle Suggestions

Avid readers are always in search of good books. The craze doubles when they don’t need to pay a hefty sum for it. Who would not like to get the worth of every penny spent?

As a matter of fact, Kindle brings this opportunity of reading books on your smartphone or tablet. Amazon Kindle brings the perk of reading as many books as you can at almost no cost.

If you are looking for an emotional eReader, then you have landed on the best page. We have listed 3 most emotionally gripping Kindle suggestions in this blog.

Throwing Hearts

The feelgood, gay romance story is about Leo Secombe who is single and is in absolute love with his life. In addition to his professional life, he spends his spare time with the l LGBTQ center. The community works for the benefit of a rainbow family indeed.

Next, there is Clyde. He is Leo’s buddy for years and they both have signed up for pottery class.

To make the plot more interesting, there is another character Merrick Bowman who is into this pottery business for years. He keeps too busy with his business. In brief, he has forgotten how to date.

He doesn’t even realise how his life will change as soon as the young and bubbly Leo enters his life. The ordinary story is outlandishly sensitive. The two extremely believable guys explore the potential of love and life.

You will feel like throwing hearts at each and every word of the story just like its name. Believe it or not, it is going to stay in your hearts for longer than you can think.

The book includes 55,000+ words altogether. Won’t you like to read it and reveal the story?

The Silent Wife

Do you think there are wives who can risk their all for the men they have loved, their husbands, even when they knew that they have something terrible?

This is a heart-wrenching story of a couple who looks perfect on the surface. Massimo is a gorgeous doting husband and together with Lara, they make an amazing couple indeed. And, they have a sweet little son Sandro.

The twist is that Lara knows something really deep about Massimo. This secret can destroy their hard-earned life and reputation.

Maggie is married to Massimo’s brother, Nico and lives with him and her troubled stepdaughter. Just like Maggie, she knows the deepest secrets of Nico or she just thinks so. Then one day, she found a letter that describes the life of Nico’s first wife.

Now, Maggie fells in this situation and she have to deal with this. What will she do?

Now, Maggie fells in this situation and she have to deal with this. What will she do? Will, she set some record or keep silent to protect her family and loved ones?

It must be remembered that truth comes at a devastating price.

What surprises her is the cost she paid for knowing the reality. Truth comes at a devastating price.

All the Rage: The new impossible to put down

This exciting crime fiction is about a girl, Faith Appleford who was taken or abducted from the streets of Oxford. The abductor ties a plastic bag over her head and takes her to an isolated place. Her fate accompanies her, and the Faith escapes by some miracle.

When interviewed Faith succeeds in convincing the interviewer that she knows her abductor yet refuses to press any charges against her. The police drop the case in the absence of any evidence.

Read on the gripping and terrifying story to know what happens when her abductor hits her again.


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