Amazon home services for businesses (Desk area)

When Amazon launched its recent service, many thought that it’s mainly for homes only. However, Amazon included a category aimed directly to serve business needs.

This category has 31 services for 6 different areas in your office space which are:

  • Desk area
  • Conference room
  • Reception
  • Break room
  • Kitchen
  • IT, phone and network

The services range from cleaning, installation, device and equipment assembly and more. Here we will go through the tasks done in some of these services in the desk area.

Amazon Home services for Business Desk area

For desk area, Amazon has listed 11 services as follow:

  • Office Chair Assembly
  • Desk Assembly

For office chair and desk assembly, the job includes assembly of 1 item with estimated assembly time 1 hour for the chair and 5 hours for the desk. If the service provider needed more time to complete the job, more fees may apply.

Note that the pro is not responsible for moving the items assembled, to where you want to place it.

  • Wireless Printer Setup

The service provider will set up the wireless printer you supply him with, then install its software and connect the wireless printer to devices on network.

To finish the job, the pro will test and verify if the wireless printing is working properly.

For setting up more than one wireless printer, inform the service provider before he starts, so he could update the estimated price on the agreement.

  • Printer Setup

This job includes configuring one cable printer that you have on hand and installing its ink or toner. The next step would be installing and configuring printer software then testing the printer work.

  • Commercial Printer Installation
  • Business Laptop Setup – PC

This job takes about one hour, depending on the number of devices that needs to be connected.

First the pro will unbox and install the computer and its peripherals, then set up the operation system and updates.

Boot up the system and initial configuration of tools as you like it to be.

to complete the job, the pro will configure the laptop to connect to domain, office printer, and network drive

Install, update and configure up to 5 software applications that you provide, and check their compatibility and functionality.

Final step is testing the system after completing the set up.

  • Whiteboard Wall Mounting

This job includes mounting 1 Whiteboard or Bulletin Board, and Securing it to your chosen drywall then cleaning up the work space.

  • Office Furniture Assembly

The professional will assemble 1 set of office furniture. The time assigned to this job is 3 hours, and you will be charged additional fees for extra time.

  • Commercial Office Cleaning

For this job, you will have to be in the office while the service provider is there. The pro will do basic cleaning like dusting, mopping, vacuuming and taking the trash to outdoor cans. 

The pro will clean the bathrooms and office kitchen if available, but he won’t clean windows.

  • Computer Monitor Mount Installation
  • Interior Design Coaching

The service provider will guide you on how to plan your space and arrange the furniture. He will also review the color schemes, and suggest window treatment and lighting.

If your office includes a kitchen, you can discuss renovation ideas for kitchen and bathroom.


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