Amazon home service Happiness Guarantee program

After Amazon launched its Amazon Home services program, many of us wondered, what would make us go for this service instead of our regular service provider?

It’s simple, Amazon guarantees its service quality through the “Happiness Guarantee” program, which may cover your service purchase from Amazon.

The program guarantees your right in case the service was not done as mentioned in the agreement agreed upon through Amazon. If the problem isn’t fixed to meet the initial agreement, Amazon will give you the money you paid back.

This applies in case the service was not completed as agreed, or in case of any damage to the product or property where the service was done, as a result of doing the service.

Under the program, Amazon will cover related damages up to 2500 USD, and will help you in filing a claim against the provider’s insurance. This will happen in case the professional assigned to do the service couldn’t correct the problem.

If you want to file a complaint about service quality to the Happiness Guarantee program, you will have to contact Amazon. The support team will work on solving your problem fast, but first you have to provide your basic contact data and the problem documentation. 

Filing a claim to Happiness Guarantee

The Happiness Guarantee applies in case your service purchase was done through website or Amazon app. So if the service is not done to your liking, and you are not happy with the final result, also it was limited to the description listed on or was changed through Amazon’s systems.

If all of the above applies to you, you can file a claim within 90 days for any service other than lawn or cleaning services which you can file a complaint for, within 7 days only.

A team will investigate the problem, and they will contact you and the service provider to solve the problem.

When your order is not covered by the program

On the other hand, there are some cases where you can’t file a complaint to the Happiness Guarantee program.

  • The service was not done 
  • If a part of the service was not included in the agreement done on
  • Not all the service parts are documented, this makes it hard to prove your claim.
  • Issues related to pricing and scheduling limitation dissatisfaction
  • You haven’t filed your claim in the 90 days set by Amazon, or the 7 days set for lawn and cleaning services.
  • The service and the service provider have to be covered by the program, otherwise you can’t complaint
  • Issues caused because of problems in the area where the service is supposed to take place.

Amazon is trying hard to ensure that its customers get the best service out there, and this program is a step in the right direction. The site mentions in detail all the services and providers that are covered with the program. To ensure that you are getting what you are paying for, check if the service you are ordering is covered.

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