All you need to know about Steam Cleaning Carpets

Most people use steam cleaning carpets as a primary method, for getting rid of all the dirt stuck on the carpet. However, because we usually miss the stains on the carpet when it happens, we end up with visible stains.

Why Steam Cleaning Carpets is important

Steam cleaning your carpet became a necessity rather than an extra step. There are a couple of reasons for why we have to steam clean our carpets.

  • Maintain carpet for longer. As the time passes, dust and dirt accumulate on our carpets, making them look faded and wear away the fibers. 
  • Provide healthy surroundings. Dust increases the bacteria in the place, resulting in an unhealthy atmosphere, which may cause several medical conditions, such as lung problems,asthma, flu and more. Raising the need for regular carpet cleaning.
  • Increase life span. Steam cleaning can increase your carpet lifespan, cutting down the need to replace your expensive carpet soon. 
  • Saving money. Replacing your carpet may cost you a small fortune, cleaning and steaming it regularly comes in a fraction of the price.

How does steam cleaning help?

If you or any family member suffer from allergies, steam cleaning is for you. As it helps to get rid of microscopic elements such as dust mites, which could harm the respiratory system and lungs.

Steam cleaning ensures that your carpets are fresher than the carpets cleaned dry clean.

Do I have to hire a professional steam cleaner?

When it comes to carpet steam cleaning, you can go both ways. If you want to, you can clean it yourself, or otherwise hire a professional. 

Steam cleaning the carpet yourself requires you to have enough time, and some professional skills, which most people lack.

On the other hand, professional steam cleaners have the skills needed to clean the carpet better. Although you have to pay for that service, the results are of professional grade. They use biodegradable materials, not to harm the fabric and to maintain the carpet.

What to take in account when steaming the carpets yourself

If you decide to do it yourself, there are some points to put in consideration.

You can buy your own vacuum steam cleaner or rent one. But if you are considering house hygiene, it may be better to buy one to use it on a regular basis. This will be very useful if you have kids, to keep the interior free from outdoor pollution. Regular cleaning is mostly important for delicate materials and light colored quality carpets.

Try to maintain your steam cleaner, and keep it in a workable condition. So you could clean the carpet any time you want with minimal effort. 

Avoid over cleaning

It’s important not to over clean, as it will weaken the fabric harming your carpet in the long run.

Also, you have to make sure that your carpet is dry inside out. Cleaning with steam makes the moisture get deep into the carpet, which can take a long time to dry. Over cleaning can increase the moisture going into the carpet, thus taking longer time to dry. If the carpet is not dry enough, it will be a place for bacteria and mold to grow. 

It’s recommended to clean your carpet only once or twice per year.

Benefits of professional steam cleaning

  • Machines used are more powerful than the smaller ones used by homeowners, removing dirt and moisture more effectively.
  • You can hire a professional to clean your carpet at any time, you don’t have to free your own time to do it. 
  • Professionals have more skills to steam clean carpets than homeowners.
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